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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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My name is Tarren, a transfer sophomore student in Kansas State University, major in social work. I was a student in South China Agricultural University that locates in Guangzhou city of China, is also where my hometown is. I like that city a lot because I have been staying in that city since I was born. Kansas State is one of my favor states in this country also but I have to leave here due to the major I have in China which is low.

There is no point to stay here for this major because its two different countries, but I may come back here for a Statistics degree in graduate school after two years. As we all know that the population policy One Couple, One child in China, I am the only child in my family which may be the reason why my childhood is different from others. , but I do a many interesting experiences in my childhood because my parents pay all their attention on taking care of me, including my education and my living.

But the most important things they have been teaching me all the time is to be an independent person because they told me that a person who has more own idea will be more self- confident even when I was very young, but I still keep it in my mind and will never ever forget it. Thats why even now as a girl, I am living in a new county by myself, but I never afraid to encounter any difficulties or problems in any situation. There was a once I was asked about what is the best way to working with people by my friend.

I dont have any specific thinks for this question when I was asked, but now, in my opinion of this point, I think warmth is the most significant interpersonal quality when working with people. In daily life, I always express warmth verbally by acceptance, smiling or using whatever expression to fit with what my friends are expressing. I have an experience of selling flowers in the market with my friends when I was freshman in my native university.

And I found out that with a friendly and smile on the face all the time is really important because I do helped quit a few customers choose their flowers successfully by expressing my warmth on my face all the time. I like sharing the interesting things with customers or telling jokes to make sure they can think about what they needed in a relaxed state and finally pick one home. Throughout the experience in the flower market, I deeply realized that warmth does make a difference when working with people, and fortunately I am a person of warmth. I am also a genuine person.

Whenever my friends pour out their troubles to me, I am sincere mostly, and I will do my best to get them out of the bad situation, I like to share my interesting experience or happiness with them, to make them happy, and most of time, it helps. I like doing that because it makes me feel good too. Doing sport is also one of my favorite behaviors, I like playing table tennis since when I was young; because my father led used to take me to the sport center every week. He taught me to play the badminton, swim and table tennis and I loved them involuntarily when I was playing with my father.

Right now I am the captain of the table tennis team of my university in China. I am proud of it because I know sports is not only help me get fun but also good for healthy At the end, I dont know when I read this sentence there is never a perfect person in this world but I know thats in a book, and I agree with it, Even a number of people in the world are trying to close to that level, but I dont, because be a independent person is what kind of person I am right now will also be the same in the future.

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