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Published: 2020-02-24 09:52:00
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In order to effectively evaluate the research hypothesis and meet the objectives of the study, this study will employ two qualitative research methods the focus group discussion and interview method of research. Qualitative research in itself makes for an in-depth evaluation and analysis of human dynamics and the kind of reasons that motivate such behaviour and the reasons that revolve around such behaviour to spur out in the first place.

As compared to quantitative research, the qualitative method of analysis relies on the fundamental reasons behind the reactions of people when external factors are applied to a given situation. Simply put, it investigates the why and how of decision making, relative to what is being identified by the quantitative method of analysis what, where, and when (Denzin & Lincoln 2000). For this reason, qualitative research only requires a relatively small group as compared to the relatively large yet most of if not all of the time are random samples.

Qualitative research also identifies and sorts data into relevant and helpful patterns as the foundation for organization and the basis for reporting the kind of results for data. The focus group discussion of qualitative analysis was utilized, offering the proponent the opportunity to follow up and clarify certain facets of the research to the researchers and to the peers of the research group. It also permitted the members of the focus group to express his/her feelings, opinions and concerns.

Following this, the focus group discussions created were documented and thematically analyzed. This research will make use of focus group discussions of students, researchers and teachers utilizing web learning (Fischer 2005). These thematic analyses will then enable the research group to answer essential questions such as: What is being addressed; How it is being addressed; by whom; What are the strengths of the system; and conversely, What are the weaknesses of the current system? These questions can be answered by effectively utilizing a focus group discussion.

However, in order to acquire in-depth information of the participants themselves, another more probing tool for qualitative research should be used the interview research tool. An interview essentially is a structured social interaction happening with a researcher and a subject that has been evaluated to contain vital information relevant to the research. The objective is to obtain quantifiable and analogous information that would prove or disprove the study being hypothesized (Becker 1996).

With this, the researcher aims to gather information that cannot be acquired from the interviewees by means of focus group discussions. In addition, the study aims to confirm and validate the results of the focus group discussion by utilizing the interview qualitative research tool. Essentially, in any study it is important and highly critical to validate the results of a particular research tool by using another research tool to confirm the results of the first research tool used for the study.

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