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Published: 2020-01-04 23:22:58
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Someone once said; a picture paints a thousand words. To me thats a hundred percent true. I started photography when I was at a young age, around twelve. I carried my camera everywhere I went to capture every memory, every scenery that was around me in one simple photo. I love the fact that with film, youre stuck with the photo on paper, whereas with digital you can delete it and lose it forever. Here are some reasons why I brought in my film camera, not only does it describe my passion for photography, but the lenses I look through can capture my life in a click. Thesis: I think my film camera reveal a lot about me not only my everyday activities and hobbies, but the events that happen through my life. Body:

Preview: If you look closely at the camera, you can tell how old it is and how much it has been used. 1. I am a creative person a. I take pictures of anything, from landscapes, to random objects lying around on the ground in which I create something out of it. b. Im into art, not only do I take photographs, but when I do I tend to paint them to enlarge them. Transition: The interior of my camera can tell you a lot about what I do with the roll of film, but when developed, they also can provide clues to who I am and where I have been. 1. I love to be outdoors, and with family

a. As for taking pictures of friends and families, people pass away, they change, and when Im in school I know Ill probably never see them again so I like to have the memories. i. I only get to see family once a year, and capturing the rare moments we have together is what makes the moments seem to last forever. b. The film inside (when present and developed) also provides a lot of photos that capture my life outside. i. I enjoy going camping, I spend my majority of the time out walking and enjoying the colors and surroundings of the outdoors. ii. I personally enjoy taking pictures of scenery because I like to capture nature before its destroyed but also because its always changing.


So you can see my camera captures the creative side of me. It has been a witness to my everyday adventures and the many journeys. You could learn a lot about me by looking at the photographs I have taken. When Im behind my camera, I sometimes feel like Im looking at the world through someone elses eyes.

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