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Government Institutions decided to listen to the people living in North Triangle specifically in Sitio San Roque. Government agency officials handling this matter instructed the leaders of the 14 Organizations to build or create a whereas this can be their source of income in the event that they are going to grantrelocation or In City relocation. The main objective of San Roque Community Council Multi-purpose Cooperative is to provide extra income or even have job opportunity for the members.

This is also to promote personal awareness, social development and empowerment of self-reliance that they would be able to provide stability for each family. When San Roque Community Council-North Triangle Alliance started the Multi-purpose Cooperative they had many struggles on how they are going to manage it efficiently and effectively. The main problem here is they are using manual encoding to record their members transactions, monthly report 3 and loans transactions. The reason behind this is many of them dont have enough knowledge to navigate or use computer as their main tool.

As mentioned earlier, they are using manual encoding as the main procedure to record all important details in their everyday activities or transactions. There are advantages and disadvantages on this type of routine, but in regards to positive side, only few can still be used like you will have a hard copy of all data of your members but in 21st century, this is no longer advised. As we all know computer is already a necessity and definitely it will make our work faster and easier.

Multi-purpose cooperative composed of two types of business: Credit Cooperative and Consumers Cooperative. Transaction 1. Loans and payments 2. Cash flows (accruals and expenses) 3. Daily/weekly/monthly/ annual reports (incurred interest, profit and loss)updates 4. Membership process Only members of San Roque Community Council-North Triangle Alliance are qualified to become part of San Roque Community Council Multipurpose Cooperative. They should fill out the registration form and submit the necessary 4 equirements for identification. Let the authorize person validate it then after verification, pay the registration fee of 100 pesos. The member should contribute suggested or approved amount as their share or investment for the paid up capital. If the member successfully meet all the requirements needed and finished the registration process thats the time the member is qualified for cash loan application and other privileges. Loan Process The member can apply for a cash loan based on the amount that he or she contributed.

It has three (3) types of interests that will be incurred on the particular amount that was approved to release. Member can pay the borrowed money for a month that has 3% interest, for the 2 months installment basis, it has 4% interest, and lastly for 3 month pay it has 6% interest. It depends on the member which type of installment plan they would want to choose. This whole procedure is quite simple but if you look on the specific details it is very sensitive because it talks about money and activities are consist of small detail. 5

Theoretical Framework This project is based in the Framework of (IPO) Input, Process, and Output, this framework is proven many times, the (IPO) Input, Process, and Output is used in the process of inputting a data or information going to the process of manipulating the data and after all the processes it produce an output, relying to the inputs, for example: the input of the steel, aluminum, tires and other things related to the parts of a bicycle it will go to the process of assembling all the parts of the bicycle and soon the output is a new bicycle.

The (IPO) Input, Process, and Output are helpful to our study, because the flow of our system rely to the inputs of datas or information from the members and their needs to the Cooperative. 6 Conceptual Framework Figure 2. Shows the conceptual framework of the proposed system Conceptual Paradigm On the basis of the fore going theories culled from the review of related literature and studies, the researches paradigm that serves as guide to the study is the systems approach or Input- Process-Output model device by Stoner, Freeman and Gilbert, Jr. 1995). According to this model, a system has flows information, materials, and energy that enter the system from the environment as inputs, undergo transformation processes within the system. And exit the system as outputs. A feedback is installed and is considered as the key to system controls. As information of the system proceeds, information is feedback to the appropriate people and perhaps to a computer, so that the work can be assessed and if, necessary, corrected. As shown in the paradigm, the input variable includes the registration and consumers of the San Roque Community Council with the respect to the total number of their respective consumers. In the input variable registration, there includes the information of consumers and loan, the reason why loan is at the registration variable, is because of detecting the data about the consumers and total loans that they apply.

Another input variable is the consumers, in consumers data there is from the grocery wherein all the data from the grocery are being monitored in the information if who are the members that are active in the grocery in consumers, it includes product and services that are done by the consumers in the grocery. Statement of Objectives The following are the objectives that serve as a guide in the completion of this thesis. Main Objective

The Main Objective of this study is to develop a successful LAN based system that can be used by the San Roque Community Council Multi-Purpose Cooperative for their successful Monitoring system: Consumers cooperative Point of Sales (POS) System and Money Lending System. Specific Objectives 8 1. To develop sales monitoring system and money lending system that will utilize all the transactions of the San Roque Community Council Multi-Purpose Cooperative. 2.

To design a system that will make the San Roque Community Council Multi-Purpose Cooperative more sufficient in their daily transactions such as: Registration, monitoring and inventory of sales, and cash loan and payment. 3. To evaluate a system that will increase its performance in terms of: a) Speed all transaction is ease to access and less time consuming. b) Reliability it is reliable because of its function like updates. c) Accuracy Calculate the loans for the member, including the interest and penalties if necessary. To input correctly all the data of the member, for their loans, payments and credits. ) Security A secured files of information of the members and their loans and also backup for necessary. e) Functionality reliable software for the reports. f) Performance the transactions such as registration, checking and validating of transactions, updates of weekly, monthly, and annual reports will increase its working performance. Scope and Delimitations of the Study Scope 9 1. The system covers daily transactions regarding the membership registration and monitors active and non-active members. 2. It is also intended for the manipulation and security of the loan transactions of the members. Delimitations . This system will not include the impact of organizational commitment on members performance. 2. This study is limited only to the output that the respondent from San Roque Community Council Multi-Purpose Cooperative that provide such as data and information that will come from the interview questionnaires distributed, as well as the information from the literatures that will be cited and reviews. Significance of the Study The development of San Roque Community Council Multi-Purpose Cooperative Sales Monitoring and Money Lending System can be linked with many significant results for those who are involved. A.

San Roque Community Council Multi-Purpose Cooperative It could provide the Multi-Purpose Cooperative with an easy to maintain and access system. 10 B. Staff This will basically give convenience. It will provide outmost importance to the staffs since it will definitely lessen their workloads by providing them with easier encoding and maintenance procedures. C. Members It will provide secured information of each of the members transaction. D. System Developers The study can particularly help the proponents with a way to apply what they have learned in class and be able to extend their knowledge to the real world outside.

With this, they can acquire additional insights that would enhance their skills and capabilities, which could be their stepping- stone to attain success in the future. E. Proponents The study will help the proponents to improve their skills that will help them in the near future. Definition of Terms Cooperative- is an autonomous association of persons who voluntarily cooperate for their mutual social, economic, and cultural benefit. It is owned and managed by the people who use its services. Co-Maker Person who, with other individual(s), guarantees a financial commitment (such as repayment of a loan).

He or she is jointly and 11 severally liable, with other signatories (co-maker), for honoring the commitment in full. It is also called as co-guarantor. Local Area Network (LAN) is a computer network that spans a relatively small area. Money Lending the act or occupation of lending money at interest Monitoring generally means to be aware of the state of a system. Point of Sale is the physical location at which goods are sold to customers. It is more specific than the general building or store where something is sold, typically indicating the piece of technology which is used to finalize the transaction.

Relocation is the movement of a large group of people from one region to another by state policy or international authority, most frequently on the basis of ethnicity or religion. Savings the portion of disposable income not spent on consumption of consumer goods but accumulated or invested directly in capital. 12 CHAPTER II REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE AND STUDIES Introduction This chapter presents the different review of related literature and studies that the proponents used as a tool for them to fully understand the study. Foreign and Local Literature Foreign Literature Local Area Network Connection

Local Area Network (LAN) consists of two or more personal computers or workstations, usually in a common office area, physically linked together by a common file server, (W. J. Kerr, 2009). Advantages and Disadvantages of Loan System Advantages Below are the advantages of getting a loan. These are also the reasons why many apply for it: 1. There is a loan for just about anything. If you are in need of money to purchase a house, you can apply for a housing loan. If you need a car, you can apply for a car loan. With all the loans available, you will be able to purchase everything you 13 eed. 2. It helps a person afford an expensive purchase. All of us wish to acquire a property. However, we do not have the amount of money to make the purchase. Loans allow us to do this. They lend us the money so that we can finally afford our desired property. 3. Payment is staggered, which makes it affordable. This enables the person to pay off the loan gradually. If a person has chosen a good deal, he should be able to finish paying off the loan in the time specified. 4. One gets the funding he needs. If a person wants to start a business, he can do so by applying for a business loan.

He does not have to wait for his savings to build up before he can start his own business. They can also use the amount they loan for investment purposes. Getting a loan is very helpful to start building your dream. However, you have to be very careful with your decisions. This is because of the problems you will possibly encounter if you mismanage your loans and other debts. If you have multiple loans, make sure to manage it well. Make sure that you manage your loans from the start. Keep in mind that loans have disadvantages too. Disadvantages Here are some of the disadvantages of having loans: 1.

It is a long-term debt. This means that you have to deal with it for a 14 specified period, which means that you have to commit yourself to making monthly payments specified in your agreement for the period indicated to repay the loans. 2. If you miss payments, you will face serious consequences. You can face foreclosure or repossession of the property. Manifesto for agile software development Scott M. Lewandowski (March 2009) Monitoring Monitoring plays a vital role in determining sustainable information gathered, the developments, and strategy for the efficient overall management of the resource.

Particularly, monitoring refers to examining business process and supervising transaction events inside a company. The main goal of doing this monitoring is to be able to prevent the system from being unavailable to the users and to quickly resolve problems as they arise. (Winberg, 2007). Local literature Computerized System to Business Technology plays a vital role in the business world. It provides the tools and functions on which almost all companies throughout the world run. With the advent of new technologies, the common use of computers and the boom of 15 he internet, practically all business activities use some form of technology. It can be said that without technology, many businesses would no longer be able to function. (Robinson, 2011) Visual Basic. NET Visual Basic is not only a programming language, but it also has a complete graphical development environment. It has the ability to develop programs that can be used as a front end application to a database system, and serving as the user and displays formatted output in an attractive format. (Wircken, 2008) All of .

NET is truly revolutionary and gives programmers a much more capable, efficient and flexible way to write computer software. Visual Basic. NET is a key part of this revolution. (Mabbut, 2010) Microsoft SQL Server 2005 SQL Server 2005 has ability to partition tables and indexes have always been a design to improve performance and manageability in larger database. Microsoft SQL Server 2005 has adopted the database programming model hosting by the Microsoft. NET Framework 2. 0 Common Language Runtime (CLR). Net. CLR hosted inside SQL Server to improve performance, security, and reliability. (Sturo, 2007)

Foreign and Local Studies 16 Foreign Studies Computers contribute to the productivity and efficiency to its user because it can run program that can surpass a manual system of operation. They also stated that computer are now playing big role not only in the office of big business enterprises but firms of smaller scale have already adopted to the modern changers there machine bring about. (Alberto et. Al, 2008) Computerization of business transaction is prevalent around the world. It has proven that is better to use than the manual system in improving routines and better turnaround of the method of processing transactions.

The larger a business company becomes, the more it deals with many responsibilities and work that their employees could not entertain or serve properly the client. Using the manual system because time consuming, less efficiency to both management staff and client. (Cardinezet. Al, 2007) Barcode Scanner A barcode scanner is simply a graphical representation of data (numbers and or letters) the width of the black lines and white spacing is intentionally produced to represent the underlying data, (Wickes, 2009). Local Studies Monitoring System 17

Monitoring is important to production, by increasing individual performance and providing security for the companys personal record. Monitoring is one of the major components of the company that it serves as a tool for controllership. It is therefore essential that we must know the meaning of monitoring, (R. Dela Cruz and A. M. Sia, 2010). Computerized monitoring system is feasible in preparing fast speed and accurate in generating reports. It is economically feasible; that in a certain time, development cost will be outdone bythe profit that will derive from its application, (A.

Yu and Hojilla 2010). Computer Networks A computer network, often simply referred to as a network, is a collection of computers and devices connected by communication channels that facilitates communications among users and allows users to share resources with otherusers. A computer networks allows sharing or resources and information among devices connected to the network. Computer networks can be used for several purposes: facilitating communications, sharing hardware, sharing files, data and sharing software (J. Wales, 2010). Network Based Application

Application in which either the program you are using or the data you are working with or both reside on a network. Network applications use a client-server architecture, where the client and server are programmed to provide some 18 service to the client. The client is typically a desktop, laptop or portable device like on Apple iPhone. The server can be any of these, but is typically a computer in a data center (L. Press, 2009). Synthesis As the researchers studied the past researches and studies, they found some information that will help in developing their study. According to

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