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Published: 2020-02-17 20:10:59
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Boston global is a company that has provided outsourced resources services for fortune 500 companies. The companies have been able to solve their problems through our advice. We are the industry leaders in taking care of our employees in terms of their compensation insurance and disability insurance coverage. Your company has recently experienced numerous human resource problems. This may be due to the expansion that you are undergoing.

Your company is growing fast and needs to grown in human resource services too. I also understand that your company does not have the in house expertise to quickly establish the human resource and the procedures needed within a larger, publicly traded organization. It is important for every company to have a human resource department with qualified employees that look into the welfare of its employees.

I was wondering whether your company has ever considered workers compensation disability exposure. It is for these reasons that my company would kindly like to ask you to set up a meeting with us I order to discuss the problems you are currently facing and the services that our company offers. We are hopeful that we will enter into a contract with you for these services so that you company can continue growing.

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