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Published: 2020-01-23 08:50:25
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worship of a god or gods or any such system or belief and worship. Religion may also refer to an activity, which some one is extremely ecstatic about and regularly. Social is an occasion when one member of a group or organization meet informality to enjoy him or herself. Economic is a system of trade and industry by which the wealth of a country is made and used. Dynamics are forces or processes that produce change inside a group or system. Cellular government not having any connection with religion. Islamic government will be one holding strong Islamic values.

In the modern Iraq, a secular government will be most appropriate because the nation at the moment has immigrants form all parts of the world. Non Iraq vitas aimed at improving Iraqis economic performance and all people in the country are relevant therefore having an Islamic government will isolate some of the population and this may hinder their productivity toward nation building and it will be to the disadvantage to the public relations of Iraq. Iraq needs to lease with other nations, which may not have so much of Muslims. Different ethnicities have different culture and values and should be respected.

A secular government will ensure that all the populations interests are met and laws passed will not be based. Non-Islamism may feel rejected, isolated and affected in an Islamism government and may not be sue nationalists. For a citizen to be proud of his country / nation, his interests should be considered by the government in power and an Islamism government will not favour this. At nation state is one that is sovereign, self-principled, political or even geographical entries. A secular government will therefore promote culture and balancing of ethnicity in the modern Iraq, which has no Islamists.

Ethnic and religious groups are seeking to promote nationalism, which is the self-pride of somebodys county. In the modern Iraq there are christens at the moment. Improving Iraq public relations with the international community calls for respect of all ethnic and religious groups. Some times back, non-Muslims could be executed, jailed for life or even deported. This created a bail relationship with the United States of America and it prompted the United Nations to work with ethnic and relations groups in Iraq to promote nationalism.

People with different ethnic beliefs and values are being respected. Nation states come in with nationalism but it may be to the disrespect of humanity, the freedom to speak and the freedom to worship Nation state is particular form of a county, which aims at providing a power of a country to control its own government and gain its legitimacy form that purpose. Citizens of a nation state have a common language values or even culture and it is not the case for many states in history Nation states have determination and can govern it or organize its own activities.

Nationalism is therefore enhanced in nation-states. Nationalism is the desire for and attempt to achieve political independence for your county or nation. It also impulse an effect comes for your own country. Iraq needs relationship partnership with other anions for its economic success in both growing and development. Therefore ethnic and religious groups are not interested in a nationalist in order to promote respect for all citizens beliefs, culture and language.

In conclusion, having a common language, values or event culture is old fashioned. It may promote and enhance the muscling religion and self-determination of the nation. On the other side this may cause misunderstandings with world European like the United States of American.

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