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Published: 2019-12-19 10:02:35
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Yes, indeed the game theory is the right game. Business is not about winning and losing nor is it about how well you play the game. The essence of business success lies in making sure youre playing the right game. The challenge for us is to make sure were playing the right game. There are times in our life that we think we are in the right game but suddenly we realize that it is not the game we should play.

For example, the course that you choose in college, you enrolled in accounting because your parents said so or because you dont have any choice yet but you dont possess the passion, attitude and skills an accountant must have. That is an evidence that you are in the wrong course, the remedy is to change your course into the course you love and possess the skills and passion for. To every action, there is a reaction. You have to look forward into the game and then reason backward to figure out which of todays actions will lead you to where you want to end up.

In order to succeed we need to go beyond the threats and opportunities that might occur and what we what to become in the future but we need also to be realistic and not too imaginary. Thus, after looking forward we make the action that will lead us to where we what to be. The decisions and actions you make today will affect our future career. So make the right actions and decisions. You cannot take away from the game more than you bring to it. You cannot take away more than your added value. Dont remove something that contribute to your strengths, keep and maintain them.

The main focus is allocentrism. It is the importance of focusing on others. You have to put yourself in the shoes and even in the heads of other players. You have to ask not what other players can bring to you but what you can bring to other players. Its changing our mind-set into other players mind-set because if you know what and how they think its easy for you to discern what they need and what to the betterment of the company. Successful business strategy is about actively shaping the game you play, not just playing the game you find.

Its true that we should actively shape the game we play. It means that finding a continuous improvement and not just be stagnant in where you are now. We should find a way to increase and improve to the next level as years pass by. Understanding other players can help find new strategies for changing the game or new applications of existing strategies. In changing the game we should understand the players, added value, rules, tactics and scope. There is nothing permanent in this world we should actively change into better.

The world is constantly changing and we need to adapt to it for us not to be left behind. In conclusion I agree that we should be a game maker than a game taker. We should have a coopetition mind-set and to be an allocentric. I believe that in business and even in our own lives there is no end to the game of changing the game. It is always an on going process that we should adapt and be flexible to it. We should be alert and wise to make decisions and actions because our decisions and actions today will change and have an effect to our future career.

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