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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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Extraordinary teamwork and strict management are a must for providing IT support for software/hardware solutions to clients. Driscoll is in the same position where it shows weak management skills and inefficiency in their ability to complete tasks. Accomplishing a specific task in a timely and a professional manner requires significant amount of effort from the entire team. Driscoll System workers are working individually without being united as a team to take the company to maximum heights.

Tim, the manager at Driscoll Systems finds a problem on his hands when he receives a call from Hybara Casinos to update their software systems with the Driscolls applications. However, Hybaras provides a deadline of two weeks in order to operate fully functionally on New Years Day. In the short time frame, the new rookie team manager, Kristen, is unable to achieve success in the time provided. Hence, the previous manager, Alessandra, has vast experience with the Hybara systems, although, has left the company due to personal conflicts with her manager Tim. This sets a bad example for the company to urge talented workers to quit in being unable to get along with their managers. Tim calls Alessandra to propose her for the project knowing how critical it is for Driscoll Systems to deliver results for Hybara Casinos. In result, Alessandra agrees to work and deliver results for an enormous high paying price of $401 an hour.

Tim should accept Alessandras proposal and allow her to take the project for Hybara Casinos. Clearly, Tim allowed Kristen a chance in which she gave second thoughts of completing a long lasting project over the holidays. The project required six weeks of work condensed into two weeks. In addition, two of Kristens team members have opted out due to vacation plans which set constraints for Kristens success. If Kristen had been confident when first approached by her manager Tim, saying Yes, I can do it, then this would have brought confidence into Tim. Instead, Kristen finds alternatives in asking if the project can be extended beyond two weeks. On the other hand, Alessandra showed complete confidence in completing the project over the short period. Alessandra also knows the system of Hybara better than anyone else, which also makes her become an asset towards the project. Business is all about profits and revenue.

Knowing Hybara is one of their valued customers to return for service, it would be critically beneficial for Driscoll Systems to accept the offer on any cost. Taking the risk in allowing a rookie take the project could turn into a disaster. The trust to handle business from future clients will be lost, and the reputation of the company will sink. Currently, the company is already facing financial hardships; therefore, it will be imperative they complete the project without any complications. The result of this hardship in completing the project should be blamed on the manager Tim to mismanage the team beforehand. Ethics is a major concern when it comes to working in the real business world. Tim allowed Alessandra to leave the team because she was unable to get along with him. Allowing such a foolish act to let go a talented worker shows Tims inability to be a manager. A strong manager is required to keep the team strengthen at all times. Tim allowed personal conflicts become barriers in which he hurt no one but himself. Now today, Hybara needs a critical transition to Driscoll Systems, and Tim begs himself in referring back to his ex co-workers for help again.

The project should be handed to Alessandra due to her being able to achieve critical deadlines in a timely and professional manner. Kristen may have potential to deliver results, although, her confidence level is zero. Perhaps this will be a learning experience for Kristen to take up a challenge more confidently next time in future. At last, Tim should be fired from his post as a manager as he leads a bad example to guide everyone as a team. Tim lacks team orientation and being able to get along with co-workers which is imperative for the growth and success as a manager.

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