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Published: 2020-02-20 03:02:29
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According to Barnes F. and Wade J. , ISO 9000 is an appropriate guideline that can be used by management to attain a comprehensive model for quality management systems in order to operate effectively in todays competitive market environment. Whenever an individual or an entity is considering the adoption of something original, it is always advisable to refer to useful guidelines that can aid in the initial actions to implement such new procedure. In this respect, ISO 9000, due to its vast and detailed coverage of quality processes and procedures, it can be considered as the initial step in adopting quality measures in the organization.

ISO 9000 can thus be the yardstick that management could use in a number of quality aspects, such as:

¢ Documented processes to ensure quality documents in the firm. ¢ Key points are established on each procedure that demand monitoring and measurement to guarantee that quality is maintained in all stages of the process.

¢ Suppliers are selected meticulously and materials received are inspected thoroughly to make certain that adequate material quality is inputted in the manufacturing process. Determination of skills required for each job to adopt apposite training and ensure appropriate effectiveness and efficiency.

¢ During new product development, all stages are properly planned and tested to keep up a good level of product standard. To attain the ISO 9000, the organization is audited by an external certification body and through internal staff trained for this process. It thus ensures that appropriate quality systems are developed and maintained in the organization. This will help the firm to be competitive and create and sustain a good brand image.

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