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Published: 2019-12-24 13:01:35
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History In 1917 the British government issued the Balfour Declaration, pledging it support for a Jewish national home in Palestine. About 300,000 Jews immigrated to Palestine, and Arab-owned land. The Arab majority feared a Zionist Plan to dispossess them and make Palestine a Jewish State. To appease the Arabs, who had staged several revolts, Britain issued the White Paper of 1939 (Bright, 1981, p. 67). It virtually cut off Jewish immigration and limited land acquisition by Jews. The Zionists objected, but nevertheless Jewish troops from Palestine supported British in World War II.

Smuggling of Jewish immigrants became widespread, and there were bloody clashes between Arabs and Jews. Some Jews even conducted a terrorist campaign. The Great Britain referred their problem to the United Nations. Then the UN voted to partition Palestine between the Arabs and Jews, leaving Jerusalem in an international zone but then the Arab leaders rejected the plan, and fighting again broke out (Bright, 1981, p. 67). Until the Jewish leaders proclaimed the state of Israel and it beat off invasion by the neighboring Arab league countries.

Then the Arabs were expelled from the captured areas, creating an enormous refugee problem. Tensions remained high and there were frequent border clashes until full scale war broke out in June, 1967. Many chaotic events happened years after it, not until they made a peace treaty in 1979. But then the tensions were again heightened in 1981 when the Israel annexed Golan Heights, and when the country invaded and occupied Southern Lebanon, in an attempt to expel the Palestinian guerilla forces there (Bright, 1981,p. 68). This conflict between the Palestine and Israel is still present today.

I think for them to settle and resolved their problems of decades now, they should have a time to sit and talk things over. They should have an agreement which is not mediated by any organizations but them alone. They should talk on whatever things they want to do. They should agree on what to do about the Golan Heights and the other Borders that they are fighting for. They should also take time also to list all the things they want to achieve as two different countries minding the good of the citizens living there. I think the Arab Palestinians just dont like the decisions made by the Israeli.

They dont respect the thinking or what would the Arabs would like to do, the Israeli could do things they want for their place but they should also consider the Arab Palestinians living their. Before they would make a move they should think if it is for the benefit of all or for themselves only. We can not blame the Arab Palestinians, for they just react on whatever the Israeli has decided to do. I think the Arab Palestinians just want fairness in their land.

Reference: 1. Bright, John. A History of Israel, 3rd edition (Westminster Press, 1981).

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