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Published: 2020-02-15 11:10:44
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Scientists say that we live on one of the youngest planets in our solar system. Yet, just like any person who has been abusing his body regularly over a period of time, our planet has aged immensely over the past decades. Everyday, I open the newspaper and read about various environmental abuses, turning on the television shows me the effects of global warming on the planet. Global warming, La Nina, El Nino, no matter what we call the weather phenomenon the truth is that the earth we live on is sick.

Gravely ill and asking for help to find a cure for what ails it. Afflicted with various illnesses for which there does not be a cure in sight, the real question is, can we collectively find a cure for all that ails our planet before it is too late? Sometimes, I look out my window and worry about what the next reaction of the planet will be to the constant abuse. Will my children still have a planet to call home when they grow up?

Will there still be resources available to them in the future that will help them survive the constantly changing weather patterns? I feel like the past generations and the present have taken so many liberties that the earth has come to the point of no return, it may be too late to turn things around and preserve what is left for the future generations. Strange illnesses for which there does not seem to be a cure seem to be plaguing us. Perhaps, that is the after effect of all the poisons that permeate our air.

God only knows that nobody ever intended for all of this to happen as we strive to improve our lives. It may not be too late to save the planet. The question remains though as to how much mankind is willing to change in order to preserve what is here and to help restore the natural balance that was intentionally disturbed by us. The planet is crying out for help. It is our job as a collective to make sure that we help it find a cure and save its life. After all, if this planet dies, so do we, for this is the only place we can call home.

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