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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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The play is set in New York, in the borough of Brooklyn. It is home to many Italian immigrants. Italy itself represents different things to the main characters in the play. For example, Catherine associates Italy with mystery, romance and beauty. Rodolfo, on the other hand, is actually from Italy, and thinks it is a place with little opportunity, that he feels justified in escaping from The first act is about Eddies attempts to prevent Catherine from falling in love with Rodolpho.

Eddie discovers in the second act that his attempts have been in vain. He then tries to dispose of Rodolpho. In his portrayal of Italian immigrants, the author is able to use language to his advantage. Each character has a different level of point of view, with Alfieri as the only educated English speaker. So I believe it is Alfieri who is able to define the action of the play to the audience.

Eddie has a strong personality, motivation and relationships with people he knows. Eddie is the main character in A View from the Bridge, Eddie has two personas one of his personas is to be head of the house and makes shore everything runs smoothly and his other personas is to go to work put his head down and work. Eddie works as an alongshore man. I dont care who sees them go in or out as long as you dont see them go in and out.

Eddie says this to Catharine and Beatrice so if the immigration office find out about their illegal cousins from Italy are staying with them all the blame goes on Eddie because he told Catharine Beatrice not to tell anyone about there cousins this shows us Eddie has power over his family and that puts him in a high place in society and he cares about his family this also shows us has a motivation, and his motivation is that his cousins come to America make money and sent it back home to wife and kids people did this back in 1950s helping the Family much as possible and giving commands to everyone is typical for Eddie character.

Eddies motivation is to help Catharine as much as possible and to make Catherine get a good job because he does not want her to be like him he wants her to work in a nice office somewhere in New York youll never get nowhere unless you finish school. You cant take no job. Eddie is trying to say in America you cant get a good job without a good education and qualifications this is linked to motivation because Eddie wants Catharine to get a good job and to be a success and its also linked to power because Eddie has power over Catharine so Catharine cant say anything back to Eddie, Eddie has a high place society.

Eddies language is more basic. He speaks in Brooklyn slang, which appears to be more realistic than Rodolpho or Alfieri. Rodolpho has a very precise speech pattern and throughout the play uses poetic phrases, so it easy to see why Catherine falls for him. Arthur Miller uses stage directions throughout the play, because he shows the symbolism of the play to the actors and director. There is also symbolism in the fact that Eddie is killed essentially by his own hand.

Italian people cant stand members of the family going snitching on there own families about immigration in the family. This is linked with jealousy because Eddie doesnt know but he likes Catharine now this battle between Rodolfo and Eddie. Towards the end of the play Eddie sees there no way he can stop Rodolfo getting married to Catharine but only by killing Rodolfo or telling the immigration office about Rodolfo here illegally. You rat Marco calls Eddie a rat the Marco we now would be usually quiet and try to make good relationship everyone.

Marco personality is kind, caring and purpose to earn money for his family back home in Italy. Eddie would have not liked it when Marco Called him a rat because everyone in the neighbourhood herd call him a rat and that it self made his place society go down. Not just that Marco said he killed my children! this made Eddies place in society go down and made him lose his Respect. Also the play shows us that love is not always beautiful it is responsible for all the conflict between the characters.

It is a deep passion that can create jealousy and cause pain both to the person who loves, the person who is loved and those around them. For Eddie, love also causes conflict within himself when he cannot admit to his illicit love for Catherine. In Italy respect is everything, it gives you power, which Eddie has and makes you half a man Eddie has started loosing respect when his two cousins step in his front door, Eddie just wants Marco to Apologise and says every will be ok I want my name Eddie is saying he wants his respect his wants respect because all what he done for his family.

Eddie wanted his respect back so everyone in the neighbourhood respects him and this is apart Italian theme. I kiss your hand Rodolfo says this to Eddie he showing respect and so this is linked to culture because this is what Italians did and its also linked power because Rodolfo is saying to Eddie your place high them mine and linked with theme. The American dream is for those who have had a hard life, and who have left Europe to make new lives in America where they will work hard and pursue the American dream.

Also the dream is if you work hard, you will have everything you want, I personally disagree with this you need a good education, you can have a good life and then get what you want. What job? Shes gonna finish school. Eddie trying to say if you dont finish school you failed you cant have the American dream. Eddies purpose is to help the family, make sure they have good health and make sure everyone has the essentials they need so theyre not in poverty. This is also one of Eddie personas.

Beatrice is happy because Catharine is now getting a job so if Catharine gets a job Beatrice and Eddie place in society becomes even higher this is because it will look like Beatrice and Eddie have been good parents and brought Catharine up has a good, well educated child. Overall from the play I have learn that the Italians are very strict about there culture and traditions. We should understand this and appreciate what we have today. You gain respect by loving and caring for everyone not by money or the way you display yourself by others.

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