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Published: 2020-02-01 14:11:03
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I was so excited when I heard that we will have a class outing with a team building in Fontana Resort, Pampanga. There are so many pop up question in my mind like, what were going to do, what will happen during that time. Imagining everything and planning what will Im going to wear and bring. Actually, 2 days before our outing, all of my things are ready. Thats what you called EXCITED. Our first day in Pampanga, we divide ourselves into 4 groups for activities. Our first activity is making our own cheering for our group. I enjoyed the time when my group mates and I practicing our cheering. Full of laughs, jokes, bonding and many more. Even though were not winning in that activity at least we enjoyed each company and we had fun. After that activity, we eat dinner sponsor by Jollibee. We all look like a survivor.

Then we rest for minute and we proceed for another activity. Next is making a pyramid in the pool. This is unforgettable for me, because my all my group mates are cooperate. We measure how strong we are, and have trust to each other. For me, this is the best activity. That was the last activity for that night. Then, we had a party. Not totally party. We drink alcoholic beverages then play cards. Very enjoyed. We had a bonding to each other. I know more about my classmates. In the morning, we had another activity.

How to survive and also the basic safety. That was the last activity we had. Well, for me I dont regret that I choose this outing than the vessel pump. I super enjoyed the outing. The whole outing was covered by fun time and activities that tight us together. And also we learned a lot from the activities we had. We feel like we had a short vacation. It is a big help for us, because we can apply it in our daily life. Its the history that we made. A momentous day of our life.

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