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Leading is the process of influencing people so that they will contribute to organizational group and goals. (Management-2002) One of the most celebrated theories in leadership is Path Goal theory developed by Robert House. This theory of leadership implicate that Leaders are those who show employees how their performance will lead directly to tangible results (Path goal theory-2004).

Thus the theory emphasis that it is the responsibility of the leaders to illuminate the path towards the goal so the subordinates are able to define their tasks clearly, remove the obstacles that serve as a hindrance in employees way and escalate the rewards along the route. Tom Stemberg took the reins of initiating an office supplies superstore in the year 1985. The pioneers who helped Tom in seeking new horizons included a team of four more professionals who were Krasnow, CFO, VP of Operations and VP of Merchandising.

Staples celebrated the opening of its first store in the year 1986 in Brighton Massachusetts. By the year 1991, the team of staples was able to implement its manipulation over the market with its hard work and dedication whose proof was the institution of 123 stores. With the growth of staples the senior management kept looking for individuals with a can-do attitude, completive drive and eagerness to learn and stretch themselves. In year 1991 Jean Lewis was hired by Staples as a summer internee in the Marketing department.

A year after her graduation, in 1993 she was recruited by Staples as a Marketing Manager held responsible for Field Marketing and Sales Forecasting. Soon after, she secured the position of Director of New England Operations. Assessing her tenacity in her decisions and her ability to work in demanding working environment, she was promoted to the position of the Director of Sales for 150 stores on the East Coast in 1995. In 1996 she was awarded the VP and the Divisional Merchandising Manager for furniture and decorative supplies.

Shortly her efficiency earned her the position of SVP of Small Business and Retail Marketing. A. Identify the leadership behavior that Lewis used with her employees. House coined up four styles of leadership which were Supportive leadership, Directive leadership, Participative leadership and Achievement Oriented leadership. The environment of staples influenced Jean to develop an Achievement Oriented leadership style. This kind of leadership includes setting challenging goals, both in work and in self-improvement.

High standards are demonstrated and expected. The leader shows confidence in the capabilities of the follower to succeed and to achieve desired goal. B. Discuss Lewiss leadership behavior as it relates to characteristics in the Path-goal theory. Year 1994 was a turning point in the career of Jean Lewis. It was her sharp mind, her vast business acumen and her ability to work in stressful environments that she kept climbing the stairs of triumph.

After being appointed as the Director of Operations of New England Jean found herself in a quagmire for not only was she given the responsibility of $ 250 million dollar profit and loss for 50 stores but also was asked to augment the flat sales of the department. It appeared complicated for a one year experienced Jean to guide a group of people who already possessed skill in their work and knew better about the productivity of the subdivision. Jean implied her capabilities of an Achievement Oriented leader and led her team to accomplishment. Thus earning a large return of investment was an exigent goal set by Jean for her staff members.

Therefore a demanding objective was set by Jean to be attained. She used the philosophy of motivating the employees by preaching what she practiced. Thus she portrayed and at the same time expected hard work from her recruits. In order to maximize human resources potential she set aggressive store standards, launched training programs and rejuvenated performance. Seeing her talents and her ability to handle versatile situations, Jean was soon promoted to the position of a Merchandising Manager for furniture and decorative supplies in the year 1996.

It was now her occupation to decide what product to buy, how much to buy, what price to charge and how to display it in stores and catalogues. A shift of responsibilities from Operations to Merchandising was in itself a difficult situation to cope up with. Again a P & L responsibility of $350 million was assigned to her. With zero experience in buying and negotiating Jean created a merchandising strategy and again made this sick category a winner. Lewis, with the help of her team replaced over 75% of the product assortment and tripled the Direct Product Profitability.

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