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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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The Gospels are an integral part of the Bible. It opens the New Testament, and tells the story of the life of Jesus. Aside from describing his life, how do the Gospels portray Jesus? How is He presented to the readers of Gods Word? Jesus is portrayed in the Gospels as the Son of God and Savior of mankind. The Gospels are the four books which begin the New Testament (The Family Devotional Study Bible, 1987). These books were named after its authors: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John (Robinson, 2004). The Gospels are not only different in authors, but also in aims and intended audiences (The Family Devotional Study Bible, 1987.

Regardless of the apparent differences, all the books narrate the life of Jesus. From his birth to his resurrection, the Gospels include the details of Jesus life (The Family Devotional Study Bible, 1987). Moreover, the Gospels collectively show Jesus as Gods Son and as Savior (Robinson, 2004; The Family Devotional Study Bible, 1987). According to Howard Marshall (1992), throughout the gospels, Jesus appears as more than a man (as cited in Robinson, 2004). Jesus was no ordinary being, as his conception and birth was extraordinary.

The Gospels of Matthew and Luke tell the story of how Mary and Joseph were separately visited by angels to explain their roles in the birth of the Messiah (The Life, 2006). Matthew and Luke also are the books which speak of Jesus birth in a manger in Bethlehem because of King Herods decree. As for Jesus childhood, He had begun to preach at the temple at the tender age of twelve, as recorded in Luke (The Life, 2006). The Gospel spoke about Jesus again when he was 30 years old (The Life, 2006). The Gospels narrate how Jesus first went to John the Baptist to be baptized, a move many believed as the start of the ministry of Jesus.

His baptism was followed by the formation of the twelve disciples, two of which have written the Gospels. Jesus as the Son of God began to show when he had worked miracles like making water into wine and feeding hundreds of people with a small amount of food, as well as bringing the dead back to life. These acts irked the Romans, and they could not accept that Jesus was the Messiah. All the Gospels narrate how Jesus and his disciples shared wine and bread in the Last Supper. On the same occasion, Jesus reveals how one of his disciples will repay him with betrayal, and that disciple turned out to be Judas Iscariot.

When Jesus was captured, Pontius Pilate was tasked to persecute him and he sentenced Jesus to death. Jesus was nailed to the cross in Golgotha, and according to the Gospels, Mary and some other women disciples were the only ones present. After Jesus death, the Gospels of Matthew and Mark state that some remarkable occurrences happened upon the death of Jesus, like an earthquake and the darkening of the sky (The Life, 2006). After Jesus death, His body was placed in a tomb with a stone to cover it (The Life, 2006). Mary and several women returned to the tomb a few days later, only to find the body was missing.

The Gospels differ with regards to the events after the empty tomb discovery, but all four books state that the accounts of the women were not believed by the disciples. That was until Jesus appeared, not as a ghost but as flesh and blood that was capable of being touched. Jesus appeared to others before he returned to heaven (The Life, 2006). Through the narration of Jesus life, the Gospels have portrayed Him as the Son of God and Savior. He came into this world through the conception of a virgin because of the Holy Spirit. He had begun to manifest himself as the Messiah through healing and miracles.

More importantly, he had risen from the dead to save humanity from sin. Indeed, Jesus was the Son of God and Savior, according to the Gospels.


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