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The thesis selected for my critique which is called A Study on Job Stress to Job Performance: Counseling as a Moderator was written by Tseng, Yu-man in 2013. The thesis was done by a partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Human Resource Management. It can be discovered on the Electronic Thesis Harvestable and Extensible System of National Sun Yat-Sen University. In this article, the overview of the thesis will be simply described followed by the critique on the research design and data analysis.

A terse paragraph on the overall impressions will also be comprised with possible suggestions made in the conclusion part. Overview of the research thesis: In the thesis, the author intended to understand the relationship between job stress and job performance. According to the relationship, she explored Is consultant a moderator between job stress and job performance. She also examined Is the personal demographic information as an obvious difference between job stress and job performance. Quantitative method was applied and data was collected from the questionnaire survey.

Furthermore, the thesis used some statistic method in this research, such as conducting the poll through questionnaires, factor analysis, descriptive statistic, T test, ANOVA, correlation analysis, regression analysis. However, unfortunately, there is no information to demonstrate if the consultant as a moderator between job stress and job performance. The author suggested backward researcher can apply ink to paper or depth interview more when doing questionnaire design. The results indicated that: 1. Job stress and job performance have statistically negative relationship. 2.

There is no answer about if the consultant as a moderator between job stress and job performance. No one has the experience of seeking the consultant in the retrieved questionnaire materials. Therefore, it is unable to learn if the consultant as a moderator between job stress and job performance. 3. Marriage has an influential effect in the relationship between job stress and job performance. Other personal demographic information, such as gender, age, schooling record, seniority and current position within company, do not have significant difference in the relationship between job stress and job performance.

Critique of the research design: (a) Problem statement/ introduction part: The introduction part consists of the pressures among our daily life and how it affects us to become stressful that threaten our lives. This is because there are differences between pressures and stresses. Pressures come from external, but stresses generate from internal. The author states particularly and precisely the causal relationships of pressures and stresses. First, she brought out a concept that suicide is a serious philosophic problem.

It leads out another concept that Should we struggle to survive? Then, she used lots of instances for demonstration. Lastly, she said there will be less ill effects if we have moderate ways to relax when we have pressures and stresses. The author seems to have missed out specifying what the right behaviors are for releasing our pressures and stresses. This is noteworthy to tell the readers that some people relax in bad behaviors such as smoking which can produce a more aggravated problem than pressures and stresses. (b) Literature review of the study:

In the literature review section of this thesis, the content is discussed systematically in the following arrangement: stress; job stress; job performance; the relationship between job stress and job performance; and consultative. The literatures represented exhaustive and related to the themes of study. The literature reviews have a few strengths that help the readers understand the contents easily. The contents described deeply with different types of diagrams appropriately. For example, it mentioned the scholars have lots of views in different years, it shows there are frequent changes in the definitions of the terms each year.

Moreover, it used descriptive statistic to analyze the factors precisely. However, there are some improvements needed in the areas. It seems to be a little bit unbalanced in defining all the terms. Here are some suggestions for improvement. First, it depicted a lot in each factor of stress, job stress and job performance. The thesis is mainly focused on the relationship between job stress and job performance, but the literature reviews depicted the relationship in a very simple manner. There should be more information with instances to analyze the relationship.

Therefore, the reliability of the investigation will be increased and the persuasiveness will also be enhanced. (c) Methodology of the study: The research was to investigate the practical states of the variables among the research subjects. The research subjects are the employees of manufacturing and service industry. Therefore, the author used a questionnaires method to handle the research. Firstly, she constructed the research frameworks. Secondly, she set up the research assumptions after the research frameworks.

She also confirms the operational definitions and ponders what should be used as the instrument. In the first phrase, the research frameworks set up a framework of the relation between job stress and job performance, also with the other factor of counseling. Then, the research assumptions set up two assumptions as the relativity assumption and diverseness assumption. For the relativity assumption, the author assumed that there is an obvious correlation and consultant as a moderator has an influential effect in the relationship between job stress and job performance.

For the diverseness assumption, the author assumed that sex, age, marriage, level of education, years of service and current duty have variant effect in the relationship between job stress and job performance. In the second phrase, the research design has used factor analysis, correlation analysis and regression analysis in operational definition, job stress measurement table and job performance measurement table among job stress, job performance and counseling.

For job stress, the author used Streess theory (1988) which believes a person will have job stress when facing some threats from job. Also, she used the measurement table with 32 questions in 5-point likert scale: always, often, sometimes, seldom and never, published by Institute of Occupational Safety and Health in Council of Labor Affairs in 1995 to measure. For job performance, the author used Campbells theory (1987) which believes that job performance related to the process when a person who has the willingness to help the organization to accomplish the goals.

Moreover, she used the measurement table with 24 questions in 5-point likert scale: very agree, agree, no opinion, disagree and very disagree, adopted from Yu Dak Shings translation with minor amendments that published by Motowidlo & Van Scotter (1994) Task Performance Questionnaire the Task Performance Questionnaire (TPQ) and contextual performance questionnaire (Contextual Performance Questionnaire, CPQ) to measure. For counseling, the author defined it in a psychological perspective that a person will use the personal information to understand himself or herself and make improvements in adapting to the new environments.

In addition, she used a revised measurement table with reference to Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corporation. However, it is a doubt whether the research design can obtain the results clearly and reliably. This is because the measurement tables do not show an obvious correlation between job stress and job performance. This will make up some errors. Moreover, the author does not mention the amounts of research subjects. To increase the reliability and preciseness, the author should mention the amounts of research subjects and its responsiveness. Also, she should find more references for making the measurement table in an obvious relationship.

(d) Discussion and Conclusion of the Study: In the discussion section, results were interpreted and possible explanations were given. The significance of the investigations is very low because the sample size is restricted. This has been substantiated by the researchers discussion that most of the factors (job stress and job performance) do not consist of any correlation with counseling. The researcher should ameliorate the methodology especially sampling. The conclusion was highly dwelt as the researcher defined it into 6 parts of different data.

However, most of them did not show any correlation with each other. Therefore, the researchers efforts were useless. Conclusion: Overall, this research study gives us a good view on the current situation of the extent on Job Stress to Job Performance: Counseling as a Moderator in Taiwan. It provides extended review on both international and local literatures. The data and analysis were represented in a systematic and intelligible way so that readers can effortlessly comprehend. However, the collected data involved a broad range of different factors for examining the effects in the relationship.

It should be expressed more clearly in some definitions. Otherwise, the meaning of the sentence may sometimes confuse peoples understanding. Reference: Tseng, Yu-man (2009). A Study on Job Stress to Job Performance:Counseling as a Moderator. Taiwan: National Sun Yat-sen University, Retrieved April 1, 2013, from eThesys: http://etd. lib. nsysu. edu. tw/ETD-db/ETD-search-c/view_etd? URN=etd-1103109-054940 Cooper, C. L. , Sloan, S. J. & S. Williams, (1988). Occupational stress indicator management guide, Windsor, NFER-Nelson. Brian Seaward, Job stress

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