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Published: 2019-12-15 02:12:57
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Who is John Langdon? John Langdon was one of the two first senators of the state of New Hampshire. Early on in his political life, Langdon was a supporter always of the Revolutionary War and then later served in the Continental Congress. After serving in Congress, Langdon turned a different direction and became governor of New Hampshire. He could have run for vice president of the United States but turned it down. He was a great part in Americas history and grew up with America as it has turned out to be today.

John Langdon was played many roles in our country today including: a patriot, a soldier, and a statesman. Langdons family was one of the first to settle near the middle of New Hampshires river, the Piscataquis River. John was then taught as a kid growing up by an educator at a school near by. John Langdons father asked John and his brother, Woodbury, to join along on his successful agricultural business. They both ended up becoming apprentices of local merchants. Langdon was an unstationary man, as by the age of twenty-one he was captain sailing to the West Indies, and four years later John owned his first merchantman. His brother was even more successful. They both began to do the trade business and by 1770 both men were accounted as the wealthiest citizens in the area.

In 1777, Langdon turned his attention to a different subject. He wanted to help the soldiers. Since he was the lower speaker of the house for New Hampshire, he spent much time reorganizing and making the states militia stronger. He then split them up into two brigades. One brigade was centered in the east was to protect and prevent ambushes from the Royal Navy and support the New England states. The second brigade was organized in the west to guard from any sudden ambushes from Canada.

Then lastly John Langdon is most famously known for being one of two delegates of New Hampshire at the Continental Congress. He was in Congress from 1775 to 1776, and then resigned in June 1776. He then became a superintendent for the construction of several ships of war. He was also a participant at the Battle of Bennnigton and led a group into Saratoga. Then in 1784 he was a member of the state senate, and then the president of New Hampshire in 1785 and 1788. Then in 1787 he was a member of the Continental Congress and a delegate of New Hampshire. He led New Hampshire from the beginning of his life till the very end. From 1805-1811 he was the governor of New Hampshire. He then died in Portsmouth, New Hampshire on September 18th 1819 and was buried in the North Cemetery.

John Langdon was not a huge part of Americas course of history was he was overall a big part of New Hampshire. He was a leader of that state was the moment his family first lived there to dying and being buried there. I think New Hampshire should recognize more of what John Langdon did for their state. My name is Crystal Moreland and I am a Field Organizer for Congresswoman Shelley Berkleys campaign. I wanted to let you know that Brent Martelli has contacted me about his volunteer time with the campaign. We are very excited to have him and would be more than happy to show him all the different aspects of what goes on in a campaign such as voter identification and event involvement. I think this is a great experience for your students to have and I very excited to get them involved. I hope they have a great experience and learn a lot!

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