Justification of the Mentorship Program Essay

Published: 2020-02-18 09:22:36
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The main task in the program is for employees with one or more years of experience in the company to serve as mentors who will train new hires of the company. The objective of this program is to solve some prevailing issues of the company such as the retention of employees and injury prevention especially for the new people. The mentorship program is an efficient tool that aims to address these problems, as well as enhance the work performance of old and new employees.

The program was designed properly for the mentee, or the new employee, to be able to understand and perform the jobs in a safe and suitable manner. This will help promote productivity and discipline while also decreasing the cases of injuries in the workplace. In turn, the older and more experienced employees will be given the chance to coach new employees. This involves giving them leadership and mentorship opportunities as they show the new employees the jobs they have to perform, the standard routines and processes they should follow, and the culture and policies of the company as a whole.

Thus, this program will help the mentors to step up and enhance their leadership skills as well as expand their own knowledge as they impart knowledge to others. Because the mentor will have to keep an eye on the new employee, the perspective of the mentee will be influenced. The old employees could immediately correct any potential shortcuts that may become bad or harmful habits of the mentee. In a sense, the new employees will experience firsthand the real value of their work and they will become more productive. They will also become more cautious of their actions, reducing the risks of attaining work-related injuries.

The main objective of this program is for the new employees to be well-oriented with the company for them to perform their best according to their capabilities while also promoting a good working environment filled with camaraderie, loyalty, and comfort for all. Hence, the mentorship program is really a reasonable plan that has a very high potential of helping the company meet its organizational goals. Because of the satisfaction both parties may get from the program, the ratio of retention in the company would surely grow, and the recurring problem of high cases of injuries for new employees would be reduced.

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