Knotts Berry Farm: The Best Amusement Park Essay

Published: 2020-02-08 09:11:50
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One of the best amusement parks in California is Knotts Berry Farm. If you want thrills and chills at the same time, this is the place to be. There are many different varieties of rides, such as, water rides, very high rides, and very low rides. While being at Knotts Berry Farm you will think, see, and hear many different things.

While being in line your head is filled with many thoughts. For example, you think of weather or not you should stay in line or just walk away. You think about how high the ride is and if there are many loops. Then you start to get nervous and shaky. So your thinking is making your body so nervous and shaky. But for your body to stop shaking you would have to start to think not about the drops and over come your fear and just go on the ride. Your thinking starts to take over your body. Thinking can change you wanting to go on that ride or not. These are ways you think before going on a ride at Knotts Berry Farm.

Walking around Knotts Berry Farm there would be lots of things to see. For example you would see varieties of rides, game stands, and many stores. When your on a ride you could see most of the theme park. Supreme Scream is six stories high, there for on that ride you could see the city and the whole theme park. Also the water tunnel ride has lots of things to see. For instance there are fake humans, colorful parts, and dark parts. In fact at night there are lights around the rides. You see lots of things at Knotts Berry Farm.

There are different things you hear at Knotts Berry Farm. You would hear people talking and screaming, the rides passing by , the game room , rides splashing into water, and birds flying by. So walking through the theme park you would hear these things. In addition on a ride you would hear the traction between the coaster and track. You would also hear the wind rushing in your ears and the screaming of people. The screaming is the thing you would hear the most. In the candy store you would hear the fudge getting blended up and the cash register. Being at Knotts Berry Farm you would hear those different things.

There are many things to think about, to see, and to hear while being at Knotts Berry Farm. Knotts Berry Farm brings one of the best amusement parks in California. That is why this is my favorite place to be.

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