Knowing Minds Is A Matter Of Authority Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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The idea or the concept that I wanted to discuss which I find most interesting is the poem What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong. I find it interesting because of the details on how he described things around him. He mentioned seeing trees of green and red roses and he can even see them bloom. How the tress feed the birds and how the birds scatter the seeds, how the flower provides foods for butterflies and how the butterflies transfer the pollen, they help each other to survive.

Armstrong uses variety of phrases to describe the beauty of nature. His words persuaded me so much that after hearing the song, I myself also find the world so perfect, so beautiful, and so magical. The concept or idea that I found to be problematic is Antonio Damasios studies about Spinoza. He discuss in details the human mind and behavior, stressing on emotion and feelings, decision-making, recollection, communication, and imagination.

It was a good stuff and he was indeed very good when he discuss things in his books, however I consider it to be problematic because it didnt answer all the questions being asked. I find his idea about equating the human natures equal to bad condescending and biased. I believe that each human being is naturedly good and if given a chance to do good will do right. We have one thing in common we are all human being . And it is already innate of us to be humane.

We were created in Gods image and being the reflection of our good Maker man in his truest sense is good. The book entitled Mind Into Matter, by physicist Fred Alan Wolf, resonates the Knowing Minds Is A Matter Of Authority by Rupert Stasch. They both support an idea about the importance of the mind and how it controls everything in the human body. They support each other ideas about the mind, the human will, and how it affects ones behavior toward something.

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