Kris and Kim Kardashian: Couple Analysis Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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The couple I chose to analyze today are the recently much talked about Kris and Kim Kardashian. Whether or not you choose to believe their marriage was a sham or a money ploy, if you look at their portrayed personality types, its not hard to believe that the couple ended as quickly as they did. I believe Kim Kardashian is a builder first and foremost. While you can argue the whole sex tape thing would land her more in explorer territory, Kim is very traditional and family based. She always appears calm and self confident, never too excited or dull.

She is very social, her livelihood as a hollywood elite and business woman in dependent upon that. She also enjoys social activities and talking about light trivial things, not getting too deep or direct like a director or into activities like an explorer. While she may pose for risque photos while modeling (and again the sex tape) may seem untraditional, Kim is very traditional in terms of married and social life. She traditionally is religious and in an old fashioned way chose to get married before even moving in with her now ex husband.

Kim is also very orderly and lives life in a very scheduled way. She has to be to keep her varied projects in order, but it is also a personality trait of hers. She is often reported joking about being a little OCD and is very organized. Also she is very rigid in her routine and is very resistant to change like any builder often is. This showed up frequently in the days following Kris moving in. She refused to budge on her level of cleanliness, refused to let the dogs sleep in the bedroom, and refused to talk about making compromised in her work life for her husband.

They would often bicker about how to do things and why. Dr. Fisher also talks about serotonin levels equalling out to hierarchy success, which is predominant in builders. While Kims fathers money had a lot to do with her success, there are plenty of heiresses who manage to stay out of the spotlight (Johnson and Johnson companys daughter for instance). Kim both craves social hierarchy, and is given the means to do it with her chemical levels. Kris on the other hand is a director.

His height and square jaw signals that he has high levels of testosterone which is characteristic of a director. Kris is also an NBA basketball player which means he is highly athletic, both a testament to his athletic ability due to high testosterone levels and also of his spatial abilities which is also a characteristic of a director. Kris is also very direct and many times in interviews and on the show Meet the Kardashians he appears to be rude and offputting. He says what he feels even if it might offend Kim or her family.

He and Kim fight extensively over wedding plans, ways of doing simple tasks, and life style in general. If Kris sees something Kim is doing is ridiculous he tells her with no real apparent regard for her feelings. Kris also has no real respect for authority or tradition. He never kept his appointments on time, whether it was for golf with his father and brother in laws, or engagement appointments. He didnt view his upcoming marriage with any traditional views either. He at one point pushed the idea of having a carnival wedding with corn dog appetizers and the like.

Even if this was just him being argumentative and he had no real desire for this, he is both making a statement and being direct without thinking of anyone elses feelings and he isnt respecting the traditional view of marriage which is it is the brides big day and she should make most of the decisions. Kris also had no patience for the social gatherings that Kim flocked in. He thought of many of the people as fake and artificial and had no interest in ever going. It is interesting then to wonder how this couple ended up together in a serious enough way to get married.

Im sure it started out with physical attraction as both Kim and Kris are very good looking. One is a model and the other could easily obtain a job as one (in the event the NBA thing doesnt work out). This would make sense as Dr. Fisher hints that this kind of couple wouldnt seek each other out based on biological personality. Later as they dated and things were still easy in the infatuation stage, the builder, director relationship could definitely have had its perks.

The builder (Kim) could broaden the directors (Kris) social horizon as long as the superficial chatter doesnt turn him away too much. As he is an NBA player and has to deal with a certain amount of publicity and superficial chatter anyway this might not have been too much of a stretch for him. As a director Kris tool Kim out of the little things and helped her be more open and direct with situations and herself. She noted in an interview that Kris helped her see past the little details and realize her scheduling wasnt always as important as shed originally thought.

Kims patience and social savvy certainly helped sweep over some of kris social blunders with the family. However, this is a very difficult match to maintain because of all of the differences the two types have. Even how they converse is different from one another. So ultimately it wasnt surprising that they split after just three months. Kris as a director is highly competitive and in a conversation may make Kim as a builder feel as though she is being verbally attacked, and Kim as a builder probably annoyed Kris with her traditional views and her social networking.

Both personality types tend to be emotionally contained and therefore not address issues which only makes the strain worse. If the couple had wanted to make their marriage succeed, they would have had to get over their issues with not sharing emotions and talk to each other. Kim would have had to compromise on her rigid ways of doing things, and Kris would have had to be a little bit more understanding of her schedules and traditional values. Even so, I feel as though even with this, the personality types are so different that they would have been hard pressed not to fail in the future.

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