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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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Learning to write is a complex process, both individual and social, that takes place over time with continued practice and informed guidance, is a very complex quote. There is so much meaning and context to this one quote, that can really get the writer thinking.

As for myself, I agree with this quote quite a lot but still to a certain extent. Everyone has their own mindset, but for me I do agree that learning to write is a complex process, individual and only sometimes social, and definitely does take place over time with continued practice and informed guidance (proof shows that).

To start off with learning is a complex process, as for this part of the quote I totally agree. At times, I can spend hours, sometimes days, just thinking about how to start my essay, research paper, etc. Then once you finally find your thesis and actually do begin, the complexity still doesnt end.

You have to continue to find more details, analysis, background, and a lot of other things for whatever you might be writing. One example of a complex paper I wrote in this English 10 class would have to be our first essay, My Sacred Grounds. I can clearly remember that it took me forever to start, to find a life experience to talk about and then to have to add details. The whole paper probably took me over a course of three to four days to just write the first draft.

For the next part of the quote I only agreed to an extent of..learning to write is both individual and social. Like I said before, everyones writing process depends on themselves, but as for me I feel that most of the writing process is just individual and only social when you need it to be. Such as, when I write, I write without any help and its an all independent process, but then again at the same time its social because I write for my professors, get help from different sets of people at times like peers, the writing center, and sometimes even my professors.

Lastly, once again I agree completely with the last part of the quote that learning is a process that takes place over time with continued practice and informed guidance. To just learn how to write basics it takes us, as students, years to learn. We have to go through elementary, middle, and then finally high school with the basics of learning how to write until finally in college we are slowly let go and taught to continue to learn by ourselves.

Even then the learning process never truly ends, especially not for writers, you learn as you write for the rest of your life. Also, just as the quote says we learn with informed guidance meaning most of the time someone is there to check our work like our peers or professors. Overall, writing truly is a very complex process and this quote sums it up really well!

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