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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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Throughout the ages, man has constantly been forced to battle with nature. Leiningen versus the Ants by Carl Stephenson is about a landowner, Leiningen, in Brazil who is warned by a Brazilian official that an army, ten miles long and two miles wide, of ants is headed straight for his plantation and are expected to reach his plantation in two days at the latest. But Leiningen believes that the Brazilian official is pulling his leg when he advises him to evacuate the plantation because of ants.

Against all odds, Leiningen is able to defeat a twenty square mile army of ants by ossessing leadership, confidence, and intelligence. One of the key reasons that Leiningen is able to defeat the army of ants is his great leadership skill because with a great leader who everyone trusts in, the group or army will be united as one and work as one. After Leiningen has been informed of the ants that are approaching his plantation, Leiningen prepares for the battle by moving the women and children and cattle to safety. The women and children, then the herds of cattle, were escorted by peons on rafts over the river, to remain on the other side in absolute safety¦ (2). Leiningen is keeping the people and animals that cannot fght safe, which demonstrates his leadership and control over the plantation and everything living there while also illustrating his care for the women, children, and cattle. After the battle has begun, Leiningen is forced to make quick decisions, including the decision to drop a match into the petrol-filled ditch. Everyone back from the ditch! roared Leiningen.

The men rushed away, without the slightest idea of his plan(9). Leiningens men show great obedience to Leiningen when they rush way from the ditch without details of his plan demonstrating that Leiningen is a reliable leader who they can trust. Finally, Leiningen displays that he is a respected leader who will put his own life at risk to save those of his men. Listen, lads! he shouted. ¦ Theres still a chance to save our livesby flooding the plantation from the river¦. Well, Im not going to let you try it; if I did Id be worse than one of those ants.

No, I called the tune, and now Im going to pay the piper(11). There are few leaders in todays society, or even in history, that would put their own life at risk nstead of the life of one of their men. Leiningen shows absolutely incredible leadership in this instance where he is basically willing to give his life for the lives of his men. Leadership played a key role in Leiningens success because Leiningen was able to lead his men and bring them together as one unit as oppose to individuals working by themselves. In addition to leadership, Leiningen possesses a vital element of success, confidence.

Leiningen believed that he could defeat the ants, which gave Leiningen and his men confidence in every precaution, and action they were taking in he steps towards defeating the ants. Leiningen had made every precaution his mind could think of, And now he was sure he would prove more than a match for the irresistible ants(2). Leiningen believes that he will defeat the ants due to the great precaution that he has taken to stop them. By believing that his precautions would be successful, Leiningen illustrates confidence not only in him, but also in his actions.

Speaking to the Brazilian officer about the claim he had made about the ants being an act of God, Leiningen replies, Act of God, my eye! Anyway, Im not an old woman; only needs confidence in what he has done, but also in what he is capable of doing. Leiningen demonstrates that he has confidence in his capability to hold off the ants and defeat them. In the same reply to the Brazilian officer who described to Leiningen the vastness and power of the ant army, Leiningen states, l use my intelligence, old man. With me, the brain isnt a second blindgut; I know what its there for(l).

Again Leiningen illustrates confidence that he will have no problem holding off the ants simply with his intelligence. Leiningens success can be greatly attributed to his characteristic of confidence because believing that he was able to defeat the ants caused him to strive towards that goal and become successful. Intelligence is more than Just having smarts; it is knowing how to apply those smarts to real-life situations. Leiningen is a man with great intelligence who is able to use his intelligence, along with leadership and confidence, to aid in his defeat of the vast army of ants.

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