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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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I am sure you are aware of some of the long standing problems which we are facing within our department and that the difficulties have only increased over the past several years.  The main problems within our division are staff incompetence and lack of resources, and many other difficulties spring from these points.

The demands for improved patient services are obvious on hospital, local, state, and national levels, and yet financial and educational endeavors to support our department are pushed aside.  Staff members have been plunged into survival mode, patient care has plummeted, and morale is terrible.

It is obvious that we are not practicing state of the art development, including having an overall vision and plan as well as plan implementation.  Ideas in regard to solutions have already been submitted to administration several times, and yet the sympathy we have received has not translated into action.

Action is desperately needed in our department in order to provide real care to the patients we aim to serve.  The hospital has the responsibility to function as a dynamic system which operates for the wellbeing of all members.  In order to solve the many problems we face in our department, there needs to be the implementation of several specific measures which serve to restructure the department.

Please take attention to the following ideas which are necessary for the building of a competent and adequately funded department, as solutions for our department are desperately needed now:

Regular and positive communication between all staff members and associates, including administration.
Transparency in regard to the relationships between all staff members and associates, including administration.
Defining departmental practice to meet hospital mission and implement a solid mechanism for success.
Streamlining of daily work by creation of maps and guidelines.
Hiring of qualified staff members.
Implementation of educational activities.
Commitment to increased resources for items such as beds, labs, and high technology.
Recruiting of a senior staff member who is contracted for department development.

In looking to the latest research about dynamic hospital systems which are developing in the most progressive ways, it is easy to see what is needed for our department.  McKneally points out that the integration of effective subsystems into a well coordinated healthcare system is an achievable ideal.

Like a well trained athlete whose brain, nerves, muscles and bones are coordinated to achieve an ideal performance, the final product will require coaching, training, patience and persistence (2006).  It is important to consider our department as a vital subsystem which must be well coordinated into the hospital system in the goal of optimal health care.

It would be wonderful to be contacted as soon as possible regarding a response to the need for concrete action now for our department.  It is not fair for anyone, including administration, staff, associates, and patients, for the current situation to continue.  Health care necessitates the provision of excellent patient treatment, buoyed by successful and high quality staff members and resources.  I am confident that with enough interest being invested into our department, we can emerge as a cutting edge team of professionals within a cooperative hospital system.

Best regards,

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