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Published: 2020-02-24 02:01:47
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She kicks the man, which causes him to leave her alone. Chris feels violated but deep down you get the feeling that she actually quite enjoyed it by the way she describes it by saying; he had a face with a soft, grained skin, it was the first time a man had ever kissed her like that. The man that kissed her is actually called Ewan and he plays a vital part in the entire story as he and Chris actually end up getting married. The second time Chris sees Ewan is when he comes to visit the house to look for Will.

It is then that you see that Chris has quite a strong attraction towards him as when she sees him she cannot stop blushing; she could feel the red warm blushing come through her skin from tip to toe. The blushing adds to Chriss overall innocent demeanour. He also is attracted to Chris as he too is said to be blushing at the sight of her. Another major incident in Chriss life is her father dying. Chris quite frankly is happy do be rid of him as she can now live her life properly without being under the fearsome shadow of her father.

Chris is shocked to find that her father has left her the farm and a large sum of money in his will. Chris can now start her life as a farmer and manage the farm by herself as an independent woman. The death of her father gives Chris the chance to mature and think for herself. Now that Chris has the farm her life is on track and it is then made better by meeting Ewan and going on a day out with him at Dunotter Castle. They share a few kisses and see their attraction for one another. After this they then meet again and Ewan proposes to Chris.

She accepts on the condition that Ewan moves in with her at Blawearie and works on the farm. Chris now finally has some say in her life and can finally be independent with Ewan at her side. In the book Chris and Ewans love and marriage is described as being like the harvest; for was not the spring to come and the seed time springing of their love and the bonny days of summer flowering it and autumn with the harvest of their days. This links in with the main farming theme of the novel. They are married and Chris is finally happy with her life.

Her marriage is followed by a baby. The birth of their baby links back to the chapters title, which is Seed time. The seed being their baby. The end of the book is slightly tragic as Ewan goes off to war and leaves Chris and his son on the farm. When Ewan comes back on leave, the war has changed him. He is no longer the man Chris married and he has taken on a very violent streak. Chris fells completely detached from him and when he returns to the war she is left to support herself and her young son.

Ewan sadly was killed fighting in the war. Shortly after this she finds out the true story from her friend Chae Strachan who is home on leave: Ewan was shot as a deserter, but he died thinking of her and Blawearie. After Ewan she begins a relationship with the new minister and she watches as he dedicated the War Memorial at the Standing Stones above her home. Chris however gets through the service as she has become strong in response to all the hardship she has suffered in her life.

She has gone through many things that most nineteen year olds wouldnt have gone through in a lifetime. But through suffering all these hardships it has made Chris have to grow up prematurely. By the end of the novel you have complete sympathy and care for Chris which in my eyes is what makes a satisfying ending. Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Miscellaneous section.

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