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Most of the references used nowadays and never fades are books. People who need it purchase this reference material while some borrow from a public or private library. In a library where many transactions are being process, there are methods that the LIBRARY ADMINISTRATION used to make things work faster and easier. One of the methods used by the librarians and book keepers is the LIBRARY SYSTEM. It is an arrangement used to coordinate and manage library books, borrowers and users in the easiest way There were several libraries inquired and research by the researchers used a different kind of library system.

In Toronto Public Library, the largest public library in Toronto, Canada, uses mechanics in the library system to track transactions (Toronto Public Library). While on the National Library, Philippines uses an on-line access for their transactions, (National Library). Some LIBRARY SYSTEM examples researched by the researchers is the LIBRARY CLASSIFICATION wherein it uses call numbers base on the books that they are classified (Wikipedia, 2014). Another example is the Dewey Decimal System founded by Mr. Dewey where it uses numbers and codes in book numbering for it to be easily found (Wikipedia, 2014).

In lieu with the information given above, the researchers want to establish a new and systematic of a library system. This study aims to detailed and illustrate a way of putting up a computerized LIBRARY SYSTEM with the use of a simple programming language, VISUAL BASIC. AKNOWLEDGEMENT We would like to express our special thanks of gratitude to Saint Justine College of Asia and Fortunato F. Halili National Agricultural School as well as to Mr. Roger Ilejay, Mr. Emmanuel Valdez, Mr. Angelo Romulo Cruz, Mrs. Ma. Luz Bayani, Mrs. April Co, and also to our instructor Mrs.

Jocelyn Gamo who gave us the opportunity to do this system and action Research entitled Library System which also helped us in doing a lot of research. We came to know about so many things that is why we are really thankful to them. DEDICATION This library System is made and develops for the School of Fortunato F. Halili National Agricultural School. This system helps to facilitate or to search the book easier and faster. We are committed to providing the library users with a positive experience that starts with a successful implementation.

This system helps to facilitate or to search easier because it is a computerized, organize and moderate. It easy to provide step by step assistance export data from your existing system and upload your data. it easy to process and transferring data. Definition of Terms Computerized To equips with or automates by computers. Library system A computerized library system for a university keeps track of all books and periodicals in the library and their check-out status. Checkout and return are automated through a bar code reader (an external device).

The library system also interfaces with an external relational database which stores information about the library users (students, faculty, and staff), including whether they have any library items checked out. . Library users can access the catalog and recall books and periodicals. Library employees have the same access as well as additional capabilities (e. g. , listing the status of an item). Data Factual information or information for computer processing, distinct pieces of information usually formatted in a special way.

All software is divided into two general categories: data and programs. Programs are collections of instructions for manipulating data. Data can exist in a variety of forms ” as numbers or text on pieces of paper, as bits and by test stored in electronic memory, or as facts stored in a persons mind. Database A set of data that has a regular structure and that is organized in such a way that a computer can easily find the desired information.. LAN (Local Area Network ).

This serves a local area (typically the area of a floor of a building, but in some cases spanning a distance of several kilometers). Records Data, details , documents, file, information, or reports. In the structure of a database, the part consisting of several uniquely named components called data fields. Several data records make up a data file, and several data files make up a database. Share Distributing or giving files, or a resource such as a file, folder or printer, that has been made sharable with other users on the network.

Visual Basic is a third generation event driven programming language and intergrated development environment (IDE) from Microsoft for its combasic to be relatively easy to learn and use. Command Button A graphical button that appears in a computer user interface , allowing a user to trigger an event. Microsoft Access Also known as Microsoft office access , is a database management system from Microsoft that combines the relational Microsoft database engine with a graphical user interface and software development tools.

Related Literature Foreign According to Robson (2001), usability is a key requirement for users, says Elisabeth Robson, Product manager for Online Computer Library Center. The catalogue has become a way to pull together disparate resources, including commercial resources and web links. management systems also allow circulation, including check in/check out and enable libraries to purchase materials and track where they are. According to Chad (2009), consulting is at a major point of change in the wider information economy within which library systems form part of a larger whole.

He was writing in a briefing paper about the study in library management systems. This study examined the systems used in higher-education libraries across the UK and came up with some significant observations and recommendations. It noted that the LMS market in UK higher education is already mature and that four main vendors (Ex Libris, Innovative, Sirsi Dynix and Talis) have almost 90 per cent of the market. This market maturity means, according to the study authors, that the benefits to libraries of changing LMS provider are limited.

Library users expect to find everything together says Stephen Abram, vice president for innovation at Sirsi Dynix, the leading provider of software solutions and associated services for libraries. According to her traditionally, the library management system or integrated library system (ILS) was responsible for running libraries efficiently and effectively. Over the last few years, the role of the ILS has been expanding from meeting library needs to delivering user experience.

Botolan Community College http://www. Local According to Eden (2011), views that most libraries are forced to work with fewer staff because of the having a more improved and modernized system for their library . According also to the study, the library administration need to emphasize to their staff that the organization has a vested interest in providing them with the tools and training they need to assist the organization in the new information marketplace. These may include search engines, circulation systems, and the online public access catalog.

According to Lopez (2002) , University of the Philippines Mindanao when UP in Mindanao accepted its first batch of students in 1996, the Main Library collection was integrated with the core collection of the School of Management (SOM) Library at the Stanfilco Bldg. , Ladislawa Avenue, Buhangin, Davao City. The Filipiniana and General References were housed together with the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) collection in Room 2 of the Philippine Coconut Authority. In the Second Semester AY 1996-1997,the CAS Library moved to its main campus in Bago Oshiro.

Upon the recognition of UP in Mindanao by the Board of Regents (BOR) as a constituent unit (CU) of the UP System, the CAS was split into two (2), namely: College of Humanities and Social Botolan Community College http://www. scribd. com/doc/99431218/Computerized-Library-System Related Hypotesis Researchers hypothesize that their study on coming up of a library system will be helpful both the book keepers and to the students . Book keepers will already be having a stress free and convenient way of logging transactions in the library.

Also, they will be able to help students to search book in a matter of second. The researcher hope that all of the possibilities and hypothesis they mentioned would be integrate in their mentioned study. Statement of the importance of the study This study will help the faculty staff and students of Fortunato F. Halili National Agricultural School to make Book Information easy thought in searching a book that they help of the library system made by the researcher for a hassle free transactions. 1. Helps in searching the book systematically and in a computerizes way?

This objectives includes the researches of all kinds of the library system that will be applicable to the sponsored school. This will be the trial and error process of the researchers. 2. How to establish a library system using visual basic? With the use of the program language, visual basic and the back ground of the researchers in programming, the researchers will set up a library system using visual basic 3. To make a library system for Fortunato F. Halili National Agricultural School? The main goal is to set up a library system that will fit for the Fortunato F. Halili National Agricultural School.

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