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information Technology has revolutionized the life of human beings and has made the liveseasier by the various kinds of applications. In the light of the rapid changes with the use of IT, there are many tools, technologies and systems have been produced and invented. In the modern world, time is short so if there are many processes taken place at same timewithin a place there is a need for integration of all the processes, creation of paperlessenvironment also ensures efficient task management.

Nowadays all the businesses are shifting to computer based system. The purpose to having a computer based system is, it helps to increase the market share and its very easy for customers to use. It is increasing the demand among the customer. This project is concernedwith developing a Library Inventory Management System using Object OrientedProgramming. In this system the library management becomes more efficient & easier tohandle with its reliable system components. 2. 0 Problem in Brief Many library systems are operated manually by group of people.

In such situations manypeople involved in the process of managing the library such a way that to keep recordsregarding the books & students (borrowers), check the books manually, keep records onissued books etc. all these things have to be carried out manually & if the library is large incontent handling is also a problem. On the other hand keeping large amount of maintenanceworkers may cost a lot & it will not be efficient for a library. Manual record keeping is alsonot a reliable method as people tend to forget things. On the borrower s.

point of view, in manual system borrower cant find a book exactly at once as they are not ordered well. Sometimes user might be searching for a book that is notavailable in the library in such situations people get annoyed or depressed. Therefore thereshould be a reliable way to manage the library system. 3. 0 Aims & Objectives The aim of this project is to develop a system that can handle & manage the activities involved in a library in an efficient & reliable way. Less managing personnel & easy searching availability & user profile managing are major goals in this project. 3. 1 Objectives.

? Develop a system that can replace the manual library managing system. ? Develop a database which stores user details & book details. ? Give reliable search facility for the users. ? Administrator, librarian & users should have separate logins. ? Create an easy to understand user friendly environment. ? Attractive user interfaces to navigate through the system for the users. ? Develop the system documentation with detailed UML specifications. 4. 0 Proposed Solution To achieve the aims & objectives of this project, the main thing is to identify the mainfeatures that involved in the system.

In this scenario, there are three types of users; they areadministrator, librarian & borrowers. All these users should be able to login to the systemwith separate logins. New users can be registered only under administrative concern. Adatabase is there to store the user details & book details. This information can be retrieved bythe users as per their privilege. Anyone can search the system using given specifications & the availability of the books are updated by the librarian immediately. So there wont be unavailability problem regarding the searching criteria.

4 . 1 Activities involved with Borrower ? Search for a book by title, name and author. ? View the user details ? Modify user details ? Reserve books 4. 2 Activities involved with Administrator ? Maintain book information add/delete books ? Maintain database ? View user details ? Maintain user details 4. 3 Activities involved with Librarian ? Issue books ? Return books ? Add/delete books ? Reserve booksAll these activities should be carried out by the system & the interfaces should be userfriendly for the new users. 4. 4 Functional Requirements ?

The system should allow anyone to browse the view the system but only the users canhire the books using their ID. ? The system allow guest only to main page. ? Since the username is unique the system mustgiven a message if the entered user name isnot available. ? The system should allow user to login into the system. ? Upon successful login, a welcome message is displayed and the user will see the accountspage. ? The system should allow user to edit their profile detail. ? The system should allow user to search for books. ? The system should allow the user to do advance search or simple search.

? The system should allow user to reserve more than one book. ? The system should allow user to view their reserved book detail and last reserved book details. ? The system must update the library information such as new books as arrivals, fines forlate submission. ? The system should allow only the administrator to modify the site contents. ? The system should allow the access level to the user and registered member. ? The system should allow the administrator to check for the updates to the database . 5. 0 Resources Required ? A computer with 256 RAM ? Java software installation.

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