Life Is What You Make It Essay

Published: 2019-12-23 23:31:22
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Play LIFE A marvellous journey, a joyous song; smells of roses but also pricking thorns. A fairy tale or an interesting story long; yes this is life, take it, as it comes along. For a moment one is on success hunches; next day may be in disaster trenches. Reaping today the crops of joy, tomorrow the land may be barren and dry. Surrounded now by madding crowd; big gang of people but dont feel proud. Later he may be a mourning loner; with none to love in the life fair. Endowed with success, do not go too high; flip of coin and good luck may defy.

Also face the challenges with a smile; as even the darkest clouds will pass by. Life is continuity,no buttons to pause; a school but unknown is level of class. It cons you with the problems; but hidden in it are all the keys and solution. No absolutes or formulae for it are known; change is what every day shown. Stocked with loads of energy piecemeal; that fills it with enthusiasm and zeal. It has a few painful separations; but also some strengthening bonds of relation. It has myriad colours and emotions; sorrow and joy in equal sessions.

SO¦¦ Share, care and love your dears; no point in clinging on to your fears. For trifling grudges it is too short; do not let the failures you to thwart. Never hurt others, choices might distract; just sincerely follow your heart. Even amidst the agony never fret; do the best with what you get. Do not lose hope, keep learning new skill; march forward, life is a total thrill. Live without inhibition; as life is about surprises and wonderment. Instead of logic trust your intuition; have daily goals be it health or relation.

Commit mistakes, you have every right; face it courageously with all the might. Do not envy but live uncluttered; fall in love anytime u want with whatever. First learn to enjoy and use the present; life will be then much more pleasant. So just a small adage to say; life is nothing but a stage play. Live every moment as it unfolds; each day is a new chapter to be told. Inevitable, lively and unpredictable; this trek of life is really adventurous. Nothing ventured, nothing gained is what they say; so go ahead and have your share of play¦

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