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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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The article Living Canvas shows how tattoos have slowly become a mainstream art for people from being just individual and rebellious expression back in the past. -In this manner, tattoo is considered as art, fad, and a fashion statement at the same time. -This article focuses on tattoos changing its purpose from being an act of rebellion and artistic articulation to something that an average person can see in other people and can get himself.

-Tattoos and piercing are a form of self-expression and a reflection of ones fashion preference, rebellion, or an effort to embrace transformation”meaning these body arts are for everyone and not only for social deviants and outlaws. -Summary: In the past, tattoos and other body arts are characteristic of outlaws and the social deviants”also supported by the fact that operations of tattoo parlors are banned for more than a decade.

It is known that tattoos and body piercing are considered exotic because of their association with different tribes all over the world. At present, the aesthetic view on tattoos and piercing is affected by fashion trends and their historical contexts. The purpose of having tattoos or getting pierced remains a way to permanently show ones identity, preferences, and ability to confirm with the expectations on machismo but has increasingly become more accessible to people especially those that belong to the younger generation.

-body art was used to demonstrate social identity, to signify membership in a tribe, class or occupation (Adler 75). -Tattoo artist Michael McCabe tells about what hasnt change about tattoos and other body arts is the pain, the bleeding and the permanence (Adler 76). Enid Schildkrout, museum curator, remarks about personal preferences, Everbody does something to their bodies to communicate who they are. Even if just to comb their hair (qtd. in Adler 75).

Work Cited Adler, Jerry. Living Canvas. Newsweek. Nov. 1999: 75-76.

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