Load Shedding (self created Problem) Essay

Published: 2020-02-05 16:12:27
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The electricity load shedding in Pakistan would have not been a big problem to cope with but its made much bigger by adopting the defective policies. One of the causes of load shedding is called the circular debt, which means the private electricity generation companies keep generating the power but they do not get the money for the electricity they have provided, in that case they can generate the electricity for limited period and after that when the outstanding amount to be paid by government to these companies cross a limit, by being not able to fuel costs these companies stop the production till they have get paid back by government.

This have been happening very much lately, current approach from government is they let the circular dept build up and while companies stop production they are paid back after many months and mean while that halt brings in more shortage and more electricity load shedding subsiquently. Now this is the place where the issue of rental power plants come in.

The question is, when you are not able to finance the current infrastructure and when you are not fully utilizing the current generation capacity, why on earth you need the rental power plants? It would have made some sense if the rental power plants would have have come with low cost electricity but unfortunately other than thinking of paying back the circular dept and taking all the current resources in action our government have chosen to bring in the rental power plants.

The plants which does not still started generating the power but we already started paying the rent money. After carefully reading whats written above one can decide that the rental power plants stunt was really not required at the moment.

Moreover when you live in country which is blessed with so much of natural resources why on earth you have to go for rental power plants. Wind forms and solar energy power plants have got huge potential in this country which can bring in lots of low cast energy, also if more dams are planned, we can get much more hydro power.

After that come in the coal reserves which is blessing for this nation, we have got the coal reserves which are in few biggest coal reserves of the world. Research shows that if we use just 2% of these reserves for power generation we will be able to keep on generating the extra 25000 Mega Watts of power for next 40 years just from coal and we just have overall electricity consumption of 16000 Mega Watts country wide today.

12000 Mega Watts of power out of our 16000 mega watts is already being generated. The above facts clearly show that if the right policies are adopted we can not only generate enough power to meet our energy requirements but also generate power to sell out.

The problem of our country have never been the resources but only and only the sincere leadership which really cares for the country and all the souls living in it. For the moment we can just pray to Allah for blessing Pakistan with the leadership which is sincere and capable of making things happen. Next time when you vote in elections just think for your country and nothing else, keep the previous experiences in mind, they will help you much

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