Look to the Future or to the Past Essay

Published: 2020-01-29 19:51:18
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Today there are many obstacles to success, and the decisions you make, along with a little bit of luck will greatly influence whether you succeed or not and the magnitude of this success. Now the things we have done on the past will influence what people think about us, influence the actions that people have on us, and is significant in the situations you will be put in. However, when we are faced with making a decision nowadays, we must look at the big picture: What will happen to me because of this decision tomorrow?

Next month? Next year? How about in 5 or 10 years? How will my friends and family be affected? And are the consequences going to be good or bad? This big picture is why I believe that people must look to the future when making decisions because it holds more weight in making a decision. Looking to the future is more likely to help you make a good decision because it makes you look at what will happen as a result of a decision with a clear head.

If you look to the past, your judgment might be clouded with what did happen without understanding that it simply is what DID happen, and it probably wont happen again, but the decision you make will effect what will happen. The big picture is always important here because every small decision that a person makes can have a huge effect on what the future will be like. For example, lottery winners have a tough time deciphering this and looking at the big picture.

Most lottery winners just take the cold hard cash instead of getting equal payments every year for the rest of their lives, these winners not looking to the future, just go and squander away all of their money as if they have an unlimited amount when they essentially just have a minor boost, like a shot of nitrous or steroids. Just like the lottery winners if they cant spend the money well, which most of them dont, they lose it all and fast, backed up by the fact that 70% of lottery winners spend up all of their money in years.

This is simply because they didnt look at the big picture and that is a problem today, people are always looking for a quick fix, instead of looking at the big picture. Clearly, having the ability to make big decisions is just as rare in some cases as winning the lottery, you usually only get one chance and by looking at the big picture, to the future, it can help you make the best decision. In conclusion, I think it is best if we look towards the future.

This is because as people we must look at the big picture when making a decision so e can make the best decision possible to help shape our lives the right way, and looking to the future will help us on this task. As they say if we dont learn from history it will repeat itself, so we must learn from history and learn to apply it to our future by always looking ahead. That is a quality that us humans have is to look ahead, and in this world, looking ahead is our best shot at success because making a decision wont influence your past, which cannot be changed, however, it will affect your future.

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