Lyndon Havilands A Silence that Kills Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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Smoking tobacco causes a large number of deaths in the country but even if this is the case, there is lack of attention given to this. It is a very serious health problem and we should raise the awareness of the people and demand the government for a more urgent and comprehensive action. The problem needs strong and efficient action but there seems to be a deafening silence regarding this issue. If we will look at the facts, we will not doubt that illnesses and deaths from tobacco is a serious problem. The death rate for smoking tobacco is greater than the death rate for AIDS and many other illnesses combined.

Every year the number of deaths caused by smoking tobacco continues to increase that in a few years, it is expected that 10 million Americans will die every year due to tobacco-related illnesses such as lung cancer. At present, lung cancer is the kind of cancer that kills most of the Americans. There is also the fact that smoking has a social dimension. Deaths from smoking and tobacco-related diseases affect the poor and the uneducated most. What we must do to be successful in controlling the problem is to act with this knowledge in mind.

Another thing that we must do is to shake the complacency of the tobacco industry and the government in advocating the life-threatening effects of smoking tobacco. On the side of the government, even if they have enacted some policies like the segregation of smokers in smoking areas, still, there so much more that the government can do given the gravity of the problem. There is also the need to voice out that the tobacco industry does not give enough public information on the hazards of consuming their products.

As public health practitioners, we can do a lot in responding to the problem by leading the advocacy against tobacco. We should let our voices heard, raise the consciousness of the public and demand effective action from the government. We should do this because this health problem is epidemic, very serious and is not given enough attention and action. Response In the essay A Silence that Kills, Lyndon Haviland addresses the public health practitioners urging them to make a more active participation in the problem of tobacco smoking in the country.

He starts by first laying down the facts of his argument. First, he uses information based from scientific research to bring to the attention the severity of the problem. He uses credible sources for these information such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Bank. By doing this, he starts his persuasion with a strong foundation. Later in the essay, it will be easier to urge his audience for action because he starts with background information regarding the subject that is backed up by solid scientific research.

But before he urges his audience for an action, he explains first that the problem is not given enough attention from the public and action from the tobacco industry and the government. He emphasizes that the problem is wide-spread and serious and that there is a need to shake the complacency of the people and clamor for a national action. He is not biased in his examination of the problem. Even if he says that the government lack collective action, he does not forget to include what the government has done in the past to help in the problem like enacting policies that separate the smokers area from the rest of the public.

This impartiality gives him more credibility. When he has established his credibility, he then ends with a call for his fellow health practitioners to lead in the solution of the problem by voicing out the gravity of the issue and give more forceful advocacy so that the government and the tobacco industry will work for a more effective and collective solutions to the problem of epidemic deaths caused by tobacco and tobacco-related illnesses.

The essay is very persuasive and clear and it has strong foundation and the speaker is very credible. If I am one of the health practitioners whom the essay is addressing, I think that I will be moved to action and I will move with urgency because the essay has clearly bring home the point that the problem is very important and needs an urgent solution.


Haviland, Lyndon. A Silence that Kills. .

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