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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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The ecosystem is composed of all living (biotic) organisms functioning together with the non-living (abiotic) organisms in the environment. Ecosystem is very important in the lives of the human beings because it provides the needs of the people. Biodiversity in the ecosystem holds distinct advantages so that the ecosystem will function properly. Biodiversity increases the resilience in ecosystem, thus it is important that the ecosystem is being well taken cared of. Nowadays, through the massive development in the field of science and technology, the protection and maintenance of our ecosystem took a backseat.

The consequences of national development are reflected in the current state of the planets ecosystem. Most of the countries put a rather bigger emphasis on the development of their economy and technology while dislodging the importance of keeping the ecosystem stable. Human actions are the most fundamental part in studying the changes in the ecosystem. The actions and development hastened by human beings are the critical factors that have contributed to the adverse changes and degradation of the planets environment.

Thus, if this issue is not addressed properly, the risks of environmental destruction shall increase at the most alarming stage. This brings into light the importance of gaining the knowledge on how to conserve and preserve our environment. There is no exemption on who should gain awareness and responsibility in maintaining the natural ecosystem stable. Conservation and preservation of the ecosystem, though both are equally important, are two different agendas. Conservation entails sustainable use and management of natural resources (Conservation and Preservation 2000).

On the other hand, preservation of the ecosystem is an attempt to maintain untouched environmental resources of the planet in its current condition (Conservation and Preservation 2000). Both processes are important in order to protect the ecosystem from further human destruction. Though these two differ in the objectives, both are aimed at keeping the ecosystem stable and functioning. Conservation of the Ecosystem There are different ways of conserving the natural resources in our ecosystem.

Natural resources are either renewable or non renewable, as such, conservationists campaign for several methods on how to help conserve the environment. Forest reserves like trees are renewable resources. These can be conserved by making sure that trees are not totally consumed before they can be replaced (Conservation and Preservation 2000). As such, environmentalist groups conduct green projects which are aimed towards reforestation. On the other hand, the conservation of non-renewable resources are also equally important. Non-renewable resources include the environments fossil reserves.

Fossil fuels are distinctively important in the economy, and thus, people must learn how to conserve it in such a manner that the future generations will still have enough resources left to serve their needs. In addition, forests and natural habitats should also be conserved. Biodiversity is dependent on natural habitats like rain forests. Such habitats provide the world with food and wood stocks that are important to world consumption (Conservation and Preservation 2000). And as such, conservation of these resources is very delicate to the progress of humankind.

In this light, there have been agreements signed in order to ensure the conservation of the ecosystem. These agreements across different countries are expected to come up with development planning, which shall minimize the utilization of resources from the environment without a distinct strategy on how to replenish the resources. Forests and natural habitats are being restored in order to create an avenue for the continuation of biodiversity. As such, species in the ecosystem are also given ample protection for illegal hunting and consumption to ensure genetic diversity.

And most importantly, people must learn the how to employ sustainable use in any forms of natural resources present (Agreement on the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources 1985). Preservation of the Ecosystem The massive technological development and expansion of industries in the world have caused the planets natural ecosystem to shrink and diminish. Industrial expansion has driven away natural habitats and natural landforms which over time have been developed to cater the needs of capitalist expansion and development.

Lands were being developed to become industrial sites, tourist spots, sites for housing projects and other human development programs (Conservation and Preservation 2000) Thus, in order to commit towards the preservation of the ecosystem, interagency environmental management initiatives are being done to assure this goal. In line with this, state governments have agreed to provide protection under the law in order to ensure that natural habitats and landscapes are being protected from land conversion projects.

To ensure this, natural habitats and important ecological sites within a country are being mapped, including land formations and water systems. These areas are being given strong protection and are maintained by government agencies that are entrusted to provide protection and maintenance programs in environmental sites. Values of Maintaining Ecosystems The planets ecosystem is one of the most important gift given to the human race. The economic growth of every country relies on the abundance of the natural resources endowed within their territory.

Every person existing in the world owes his or her development and the privileges he or she receives to the gifts provided to the people through the rich natural resources we have. Thus, every means of protecting, preserving and conserving it should be given ample importance and priority.


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