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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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Civil War (1861- 1865) Personal Journalism is born. This allowed people to publish their thoughts and feelings individually. Topics not limited to slavery and racism is written by various people but sometimes not published due to limited freedom in broadcasting. 1890- Yellow Journalism enters the broadcasting arena making it possible for politicians use the power of broadcasting to win elections and cover up bad news. 1918- Edwin Howard Armstrong was able to develop a method for amplifying extremely weal, high- frequency signals or the superheterodyne circuit (Radio and Television).

1930s- a circuitry was developed to eliminate static that interferes with radio reception. A static free broadcasting was formulated by means of amplitude modulation (AM) and Frequency Modulation (FM). 1950s- transistors were invented and made broadcasting more possible. 1956- Videocassette recorders were introduced so that people can view delayed television shows. 1949- The birth of Cable television which is known for its good reception and additional programming (Radio and Television).

1965- Commercial Communication Satellite was first used and it was followed by orbiting transmitters. 1967- A bill was passed in the United States which enables Public Broadcasting (Andersen & Gray 400). 1968- 200 million TV sets were made available worldwide. 1972- Richard Nixon vetoes funding for public broadcasting (Andersen & Gray 400). 1978- 78% of the households own colored television. 1988- Sony introduced handheld and battery operated televisions also known as the watchman it is a transistorized television.

1990s- High Density television is made available which features system for satellite transmission. HDTV has better picture and sound compared to analog televisions. 1996- Television and internet begins its competition since more people are depending on the World Wide Web rather than watching television and listening to radio news. 2000-present- more dynamic way of transmitting signals in television, radio and cable are discovered which enables people to receive information faster and clearer than before.

There are live streaming features of cables and internet TVs that allows people to see what is happening on the other part of the world it shares endless fascination of everyday living. Today is an important time for Journalism in our countrys history because broadcasting is more developed. Series of advancement were made in terms of information gathering and dissemination of news. It is easier for journalists nowadays to gather vital news and making people aware of the recent events. As technology changes, journalisms future becomes clearer and more available for people.

The history of out country is now easier to trace because freedom of speech is now allowed and the country is experiencing more democracy unlike before. Broadcasting today is more convincing since no one is manipulating the issue. Todays mass media journalism is not limited to people who are living in this country. It can also be broadcasted on other parts of the world.

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