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Published: 2019-11-07 12:21:49
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1.1 Outline guidelines, procedures codes of practice relevant to personal work Guidelines are not binding or enforced. They are a set routine or sound practice unique to each company. The guidelines relevant to my work include how to answer the phone, how to greet customers, how to store and retrieve information, how to use office equipment. Procedures are legally enforceable and mandatory. A Procedure is designed to describe Who, What, Where, When, and Why by means of establishing corporate accountability. Procedures relevant to my work include formal and written warnings, fire drills, reporting absence, dismissal and disciplinary procedures. Codes of Practice provide advice on how to meet regulatory requirements.

Codes are not legally enforceable, but they can be used in courts as evidence that legal requirements have or have not been met. Codes of practice relevant to my work include complying with all data protection and client confidentiality requirements, maintaining a high standard of presentation and service at all times, quality assurance and freedom of information. Guidelines, procedures and codes of practice relevant to my work play a crucial role in ensuring I work effectively, efficiently and safely. That is why they are important to be aware of and follow at all times, if possible.

1.2 Explain the purpose of planning work, and being accountable to others for own work Planning is fundamental to producing successful work. It minimises the risk of wasting time through mistakes or having to re do/ rectify incorrect or incomplete work. A competent plan should help me establish the most productive way of completing work. It also simplifies work making it easier to complete, as it takes me through a step by step structure giving a clearer idea of what to do when and how much time to set aside for each task. This is why planning is essential in achieving high quality work, not only does it help define in more basic terms the task ahead, it also in the long run makes my work simpler and is far more time and therefore cost effective.

Planning is also useful in being accountable to others for my work as it helps me to look back over what I have done and reminds me what I did and how in case of any discrepancies . This makes it a lot easier to rectify any mistakes or answer any queries quickly and confidently. A recent example where planning has proven crucial to the success of my work was when asked to do the petty cash requisition alone. I had previously helped Rachel complete this so I was aware I had to carefully plan the task ahead in order to achieve the correct results efficiently, with this in mind I made thorough notes step by step as we worked our way through each task. So when it came to doing the requisition alone I looked over the notes along with the finished requisition produced alongside them and proceeded to write bullet pointed guidelines taking me step by step through what to do and how.

This made the requisition fairly easy to complete as I had a detailed guide to follow and look back at whenever necessary. Without these notes and guidelines I dont feel I would have been able to complete the requisition without assistance from my colleagues, certainly not as quickly and smoothly as I did.

1.3 Explain the purpose and benefits of agreeing realistic targets for work Targets are extremely valuable for self improvement and motivation, which in turn achieves results. It is important for targets to be realistic, if targets ask too much from me and I dont feel I am capable to meet them, they can cause unnecessary stress and this would usually cause my work to suffer. This is why it is essential to agree achievable targets which will push me enough to feel satisfied upon completion, but not to push me too much to de motivate and cause unnecessary worry or stress. Once my business manager and I found the perfect balance I began to work to the best of my ability, in turn providing results. To achieve the best results targets should follow the SMART targets rule; they should be Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Relevant/Realistic and Time bound. Adhering to these guidelines will play a massive role in the success of my work.

1.4 Explain how to agree realistic targets A good relationship with my business manager is essential in agreeing realistic targets. This helps us to establish certain targets as we need to be able to discuss as precisely as possible the task in hand, so I am fully aware of what I am required to do. We then establish a series of progress checks prioritising in order of importance and allocating a rough time frame, so that the total amount of time that it should take to complete the task is clearer to all parties. Once we have this information we are then able to agree a realistic target.

1.5 Describe ways of planning work to meet agreed deadlines To ensure I always meet agreed deadlines I usually make a list of all tasks I have to complete, prioritised in order of importance, or in order of required dates for completion, so it is always clear what to do when. I then note down everything I will need for example information, resources, equipment etc next to each task, so before I begin I have everything required to complete the task, this makes it a lot easier and also saves time. I also note down a rough estimate of time to spend on each task, so I can roughly see whether or not I am keeping to my deadline.

1.6 Explain the purpose of keeping other people informed about progress It is important to keep the necessary people informed of my progress for a few reasons. One being the person I am doing the work for usually will have a deadline of their own, and if I dont complete my work in the agreed time they may also miss their deadline. Its also important to keep people informed of my progress as they are likely to have more knowledge of the task in hand and therefore will be able to guide me if I am having trouble or not doing what they expected, so it is always helpful to all parties to keep communicating throughout each stage.

1.7 Explain the purpose and benefits of letting other people know work plans need to be changed The reason I always let my colleagues know if I have made changes to my work plan, is mainly for guidance or reassurance, whether or not it is a good idea to make these changes and to see if I am heading in the right direction to achieve the results they are looking for. If I dont keep my colleagues informed of any changes I have made or am planning on making they will just assume I am working through original plans, and if my revisions are incorrect or unnecessary it could make more work not only for me but for my colleagues also, as well as unnecessarily wasting time.

1.8 Describe types of problems that may occur during work 1.9 Describe ways of seeking assistance with getting help to resolve problems Problems that may occur during work include being given the wrong information or not being able to retrieve necessary information. This happens mostly when making sustain and outcome phone calls. This is when I need to contact a customer to find out if they are still in work and if any details have changed. If this happens and I cant get hold of the customer I will leave a message and send an email. If I am still unable to make contact I next check to see if the customer has given consent to contact their employer. If they have I will then call the company or person to confirm the details with them instead.

If they havent signed the consent forms however, I am unable to do this so I keep trying to get hold of them using various methods so there is a higher chance of them getting my message. If then I still havent heard from them I send a letter offering an incentive to get in touch with me for example high street vouchers which usually gets the information needed. A common problem that occurs at work is equipment being broken or faulty. If for example the printer stops working, I tend to first of all try to fix it myself as it has instructions of what actions to carry out if this problem occurs. 9 times out of 10 this is the most time and cost effective solution. If iam unable to fix it myself and my colleagues are also unable to then I will call the facilities manager, to inform him of the problem, he will then either come in and fix it or guide us through what to do until its back in working order. Another problem that occurs at work is when colleagues are absent without booking time off. When this happens I first of all look in their diary to see what they had planned to do that day.

I next ask my colleagues if they can stand in for their meetings. If nobody is able to do so, I work my way through the appointments calling to cancel or postpone them, if I cant get through I will leave an answer phone message as well as sending an email and text, I do this so there is a greater chance of them getting the message. If no one is able to help me I find persistence and trial and error pushes me into the right direction to provide results.

1.10 Explain the purpose and benefits of recognising and learning from mistakes Acknowledging my mistakes is essential as it helps me to correct them. If I dont recognise that I have made a mistake I would just continue to make it and the problem could get worse, this is why I always encourage and acknowledge feedback and advice given to me, as it helps me to grow and develop into a better administrator. Outcome 2: Understand how to behave in a way that supports effective working

2.1 Explain the purpose and benefits of agreeing and setting high standards for own work Personally I believe it is very important to set high standards for myself, not only to push me to always work to the best of my ability but also so I dont undersell myself. If I always maintain a high standard of work my employee will recognise this in a positive way and it could lead to more opportunities or even promotion. This is why I always try to push myself to do my best, as if I just did the bare minimum and wasnt excelling someone else who does work to a high standard could easily replace me.

2.2 Describe ways of setting high standards of work Setting high standards of work requires 100% effort and commitment to the job. To ensure I always maintain high standards I make sure I do the following whenever undertaking a task: . Dedicate time and energy to ensure that no important aspect of the work is neglected. . Approach challenges from a problem-solving perspective and look for alternatives rather than focusing on why things cannot be done. . If I have been unable to solve a problem seek ideas and suggestions from others. . Determine where to spend more time: the important activities, the most easily done, or those that appear to be most urgent. Re-focus on the most important. . Admit to my mistakes and change what Im doing when it is appropriate. . Monitor, evaluate and adjust my work to ensure high standards are being met. . Demonstrate dependability and responsibility in fulfilling obligations.

2.3 Explain the purpose and benefits of taking on new challenges if they arise The purpose of taking on new challenges shall they arise is to broaden my current knowledge, I can only gain skills and learn from new experiences so they are vital to my success. By not challenging myself, I cannot develop in my career, so the benefits are that of self growth, new opportunities, gaining of new skills and confidence.

2.4 Explain the purpose and benefits of adapting to change Circumstances and situations often change or alter at work, so it is essential I can easily adapt to these changes. The benefits of adapting include developing new ways to improve and learn. Without being able to deal successfully with changes I would just stay the same and continue at the same level therefore I wouldnt be able to improve.

2.5 Explain the purpose and benefits of treating others with honesty, respect and consideration The purpose of treating others with respect, honesty, and consideration is to provide a hospitable environment. It is impossible to succeed alone, so often the help of others is required to complete an important task. Good interpersonal relationships aid in self confidence and create a positive work environment which makes work more enjoyable which will in turn make everyone work better. Getting along with others is also proven to provide mental and physical health benefits. By listening and respecting one another, tasks get done much quicker and with higher quality and care.

2.6 Explain why own behaviour in the work place is important My behavior in the work place is extremely important because every person plays an important role at work. One persons negative outlook can disrupt the progress of those around that person. The workplace can immediately become a hostile environment due to the action or attitude of a single person. That is why it is essential to always be aware of my behavior and adjust or compromise when necessary.

2.7 Describe types of behaviour at work that show honesty, respect and consideration and those that do not Ideal types of behavior that display honesty, respect, and consideration include listening to others ideas and providing thoughtful feedback, being sensitive to the needs of others, seeking a solution that will benefit all, cooperating with coworkers, treating others fairly and with dignity, among many others. Some negative behaviors include belittling coworkers, isolating oneself from the community, ignoring the opinions of others, having a selfish attitude, seeking for self advancement while disregarding the efforts of others etc. Positive attitude and behavior result in a positive working environment which is beneficial to all, so an essential trait in a good employee.

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