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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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Even though the employees are the prime workers in any organisations managers have to manage their employees and even he has to manage the external atmosphere at and around the organisation to run the organisation in an admirable path and their by achieving the predetermined goals. Here I would like to present the managers job in an organisation with an example of an interview and with my research work. I took an interview from a manager of software Solutions Company a small scale information technology based company in Australia. hile interviewing him we come across some of the important qualities of a manager According to him a manager should have a good academic qualifications like a bachelors degree and a masters degree in any of the administrative fields, unless and until if a manager have a good academics he may not be able to solve academic problems in his company. He should also have good communicative skills and interactive skills, marketing ability, managing the customers and a good personality.

R. W. Griffin defines manager as a person who first of all is responsible for realization of management process. In particular manager is the person, that makes plans and decisions, organizes, supervises and controls human, finance and information resources (Griffin 2000). I totally agree to the above statements as they said a manager should have a good academic qualification and he even should have a good personality to operate all the above mentioned functions.

Unless a manager possesses them he/she cant keep his company in a better position. He also stated that he has to interact with many people in his day to day life as his company is an IT based company deals with the problems in the technological aspects in hardware and software. He should have proper capability to face many new customers in his day to day life and to a lot his employees for the solution of the customers problem. He should attend the customer in his own office or at other private places in favour of customers flexibility.

He has to take care of his employees, the resources he is utilizing, the marketing staff, more important the customers who are their bread and butter. Doing this he has to keep an eye on the technical advances in his field and on his competitors. So here I understand that managers job is much crucial job in any company and he has to be in up-to-date at things that are happening at and around his company. Many managers attain success by coordinating his/her employee effect, in turn obtaining success to the organisation.

He states that in his list of people he has to interact in his everyday life the customers are his prime concern because they the main source of the companies income unless a customer satisfied with the employees work, he would not pay the amount. So in this relation I came to know that there exists a mutual benefit relationship between the customer and the company hence it is a good example for reciprocal relationship. The needs to better understand customer behaviour and the interest of many managers to focus on those customers who can deliver long-term profits have changed how marketers view the world (Russell S.

Winer). The author says that consumers can change the performance of a market and the running style of an organisation hence a good manager should always keep his eye on such type of consumers. Next comes his employees, a good manager should maintain a good interaction with his employees. According to him a good manager should look after their employees and he should be their well-wisher. He says that a good interaction between a manager and his employees builds up a positive energy in the workplace results in better performance of the employee leading to success of the employee as well as the company.

He even said that he will help his employees in various ways like allotting them regular and flexible working hours, monitoring their work, giving feedback whenever necessary and solving their issues regarding their work and in their lives. This shows there exists a reciprocal relationship with in them. He said that he has only 4 regular employees working currently with him and hires others whenever necessary. According to Katuria. M in his article named three ways to built successful employee manager relationship he stated that the only relationship more important to an organisation than the ustomer-company relationship is the manager- employee relationship and according to the exit interview the no. 1 reason people leave their job is because of their improper relationship with the manager. Going through all the above conversation I totally agree to both of them and I strictly believe in good manager- employee relationship which aids in success of the company and its employees. An organisation grows and evolves new positions are added, senior managers have to find a way to tie all these departments together. Coordination refers to the quality of collaboration across the departments.

It is required whether there is a functional, divisional or term structure. (Draft 2012) this statement explains the most responsible duty of a manager in a growing company. It tells us that in a rapidly growing company the managers play a important role that is he has to do division and interlinking the departments there by forming more and more stronger work unit which helps them in solving more complex problems. When dealing with the suppliers he gave me the information that he is connected to many suppliers in his place and even in the Melbourne.

As the company is based on the problems and solutions coming in the information technology, they have to be provided with plenty of resources. They need various types of computer spare parts, softwares and many advanced features which were been provided to them by many suppling companies. Even they dealings with vast companies like Harvey Norman etc. He explained me the advantages and disadvantages of maintaining such large groups of suppliers. Ha stated that trust is the main factor that works between suppliers and the company administrator.

Many transactions run based on the trust philosophy only. Unless they trust a supplier and use their products they cant run the company in some situations. I support this statement that trust is the main part of the business. I can state that trust should exist not only between a supplier and the management but also at all the levels in the business sector that is it should be in between the consumer-organisation-supplier. Supplier Relationship Management is an all-inclusive approach to managing the affairs and interactions with the organizations that supply your company with goods and services.

This includes communications, business practices, negotiations, methodologies and software that are used to establish and maintain a relationship with a supplier. Benefits include lower costs, higher quality, better forecasting and less tension between the two entities that result in a win-win relationship (Bucki. j). The author explains us that for any company the supplier management relation should be in such a way that there is a benefit from both the sides and the tools were developed to reduce the work related problems between the supplier and the managers in the company who look after all these raw materials.

I totally believe with the above discussions because unless there is an adequate amount of raw materials for a company they cannot reach the level of customer satisfaction which is their main goal and the supplier also has to be loyal to the company and supply the raw materials in time there by maintaining a mutual benefit relationship between them. The next I am going to discuss the other important environmental factor the labour market.

In this case as the manager already stated that he hires the employees whenever he needs, in explanation to this he gave me the information that when his regular staff are not sufficient to complete a task which was assigned to them he hires some of the software professionals from the employment centres for a shorter period of time and assigns them to work with his regular employees. Without strategic planning it is unlikely that any organisation will be able to meet successfully numerous challenges that face them (Bryson. j. m). This shows that planning and organisation is the main crucial duties of a manager. Manager has to plan the project prior to its start and distribute the work to his employees accordingly. If a manager fails to perform this step in his level he/she may not be able to reach the target level and fails in leading the organisation and its staff.

Finally for an organisation to run in the way of profits and to sustain in this present competitive word the manager has to look after many types of environmental factors some of them which are prime concerned are discussed above the other factors which influence the organisation are Technology, Natural, Sociocultural, Economic, Legal, Political, International (all of these come under external environment) and Culture management. (Draft, R. L) in my opinion manager should have the capability in controlling all these environmental factors.

This company having limited employees and being a small scale company the external environmental factors may not have such a great influence. Among them only the technology has a powerful impact because it is purely a software solution company so the employees and the manager should beware of the changing trends in the technology and should be in up to date daily. Recommendations: Keeping in mind the whole interview and with my research I would like to recommend some changes this organisation should implement for better progress they are 1.

Increase the employee work ratio. 2. Use of the labour market for hiring the employees should be stopped because the information in the company regarding the projects and codes should be within the company. 3. Instead of hiring the employees from the outside try to increase the regular employees which helping him in planning the work and confidentiality 4. Being a software company I think he should organise some conferences such that his employee will get more latest technical skills 5.

As the work hours were longer during the day he has to create work life balance to his employees and for him he. 6. Customer satisfaction should be increased to transform this to a large scale company. Conclusion: Finally I conclude that the environmental factors influence on any organisation is very much crucial and the managerial staff any company should keep an eye on it in order to run the organisation in an admirable way. Various people who are in close relation to the organisation should work together for the mutual benefit of the organisation as well as them.

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