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Published: 2020-02-19 15:21:38
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When a group of [people are marginalied, they come together to agitate for their rights. If they are not recognized they turn to violent means to pass their message and also aim at punishing their oppressors. This is exactly the situation in Palestine where suicide bombings has almost become the order of the day as Palestinians advance their cause for the sake of their freedom. In his article titled Understanding Palestinian Terror, Dr. Eyad Sarraj (2002) explains why Palestinians have become suicide bombers.

He calls this an uprising against numerous injustices that have been committed against his community. He takes us through a history of injustices starting from the occupation of their territory by Israel. Eyad believes it is out of absolute despair with the authorities that the Palestinians have turned to the violence as a means of getting what they believe is rightfully theirs. He points out that the Palestinians have over and over tried all the means even making resolutions which have not been honored. (Barlow, H 2007)

One such resolution is the so called Resolution 194 where Israel was supposed to allow them back to their homeland, but this did not happen. As a result the Palestinians have been refugees on the land which they strongly believe belongs to them. (Saaraj, E 2002) The Palestinians believe they are fighting a noble cause, getting what belongs to them and also as a form of protest for the atrocities that have been meted on them, it is purely a freedom struggle. Their humiliation and marginalization has been motivation for their agitation for freedom.

This type of oppression explains their anger against their perpetrators of this torture. They are very bitter that their land was taken and given to foreigners making them stateless. He rhetorically asks whether anyone knows what it feels and means to be under the Israel occupation. It is a very humiliating experience where one ceases to be a human being. One is given a number and every now and then he or she is subjected to a very dehumanizing search by the Israel forces. Belonging to any political organization calls for a sentence that is so harsh.

Palestinians are enslaved in their own country making them yearn for revenge. Most of them are in a desperate situation and are willing to go to any length to revenge and also cause suffering to their oppressers. When Hezbollah and Hams groups come calling for the recruits the have people who are already willing o take the chance to fulfilling their passion. . (Saaraj, E 2002) According to Dr. Eyad Sarraj, the key motivator for the Palestinians to suicide bombing is the urge to be free and also see their oppressors suffer as they have subjected them to the years of misery.

They have suffered for long under Israel occupation where no one has been spared. Their enslavement has bred so much hatred towards their enemy whom they believe deserves death and destruction. Children has seen it all as their fathers are publicly humiliated by the Israel forces, this only adds more anger to the minds of the young people who are the easy recruits to the movements and carry out most of the suicide bombings. (Saaraj, E 2002) Signing of the treaty by Arafat in Washington as Eyad puts it was meant to bring hope in this land, something that did not happen.

He points out that all these humiliation and torture has turned Palestinians to apply the most unimagined ways to fight for their right. He adds that these people are not suffering from any psychological disorders which can make them suicidal but rather draw their inspirations from their strong will to be free and enjoy their freedom like anybody else. Through this they are able to avenge the occupation, loss of freedom and oppression. They have gone through all this misery in their whole lives and they can not take it any more.

They have lost hope that any peaceful and meaningful settlement will be reached any sooner and the quickly they drive their enemies to the wall the better. They are determined to pay any prize to see to it that those who have killed their families, tortured their people are destroyed and brought to the justice by their own definition. . (Saaraj, E 2002) Nationalism and loyalty Pape believes that ninety five percent of all the suicide attacks that have been carried out in the world are not religiously motivated rather there are other reason behind them.

Most of the attacks are to force the modern democracies, United States included to withdraw their forces from the territories they occupy. . (Pape, R 2005), One of these territories is the Arab world where the united states have occupied Iraq; this has led to Al Qaeda to lead a series of attacks to force them to withdraw. Pape points out that this organization central mission is to draw all the western forces from the region they claim to be Islam dominated. He argues that the attacks which were carried out in Madrid and London were not driven by the Islamic fundamentalist hate on Western countries.

Though the type of literature coming from the radical Islamist group may suggest that the attacks were religiously motivated Pape tends to disagree quoting the research he has carried out on several suicide bombing over a long period of time. . (Pape, R 2005), Robert Pape has some evidence, he quoting a report released by the British Home Office . In this study, which was carried out in 2004; attitudes of the Muslim were the main area covered. It was found out that there were about two million Muslim in Britain.

It was found out that about thirteen per cent of these Muslims inn Britain strongly believed that suicide bombings targeting the western powers and in particular Britain were justified. They are strongly against the presence of British forces in Middle East and the policies propagated by the western powers towards this region are not warranted. Pape observes that military policies against the Arab world are the main triggers of the hate many have against the western countries. . (Pape, R 2005), A Tamil tiger is another example that Pape has used to show that suicide bombers derive their motivation in the quest for freedom.

It pure nationalist ideas that have lead these people to believe in their cause and will to go to any point to make sure they force the occupying forces out of the territory which they believe is their own. The Tamil Tiger rebel group has for along time been fighting for their freedom. They want an establishment of state which is separate from Srilanka. They have fought this war delligently; they may not have the mighty weapon which their enemies have at disposal but they believe their biggest asset is the devotion of their fighters to sacrifice their all for their freedom. ( Pape, R 2005),

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