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Published: 2019-11-27 19:00:45
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Therefore the customer wins and so does nokia, as nokia once again are satisfying the need of support their customers request and In Conclusion, Marketing isnt just a posh name for selling; in fact selling is part of the marketing component. It is the process of communicating; selling is the delivery of a product to the potential customer, converting them into actual customers.

Whilst it can be assumed that marketing is a posh name for selling, the difference that separates both areas is evident through simple definition and actual process. In order to sell, the consumer must want, need and afford the product, therefore without the process of research, development and catering to the consumers needs, (Marketing) Selling would not be as profitable. An organisation that fails to provide marketing will allow itself to be a business that is hoping to simply sell its products by having it available, assuming the consumers will purchase its product.

Whereas an organisation that adapts the marketing concept, caters for the consumers wants, needs, price range, customer service, through the research of its objective and the development of these objectives, along with achieving the business goals of the calculated profit it Intends to make prior sale. Using the example of Nokia, it is clearly evident that an organisation can only obtain worldwide success through the power of marketing.

Should Nokia simply release products to a store without communicating with its consumers, the organisation would be no better off than a market stall that is attempting to Sell its products. Instead, Nokia markets its brands and as a result has successfully pre sold its brand with complete knowledge of its consumers wants and needs. For example Nokia markets and provides products for its Personal and Business consumers where as an organisation selling phones, would simply have a range for sale.

Finally, marketing is the process of identifying a need and communicating a message relating to satisfaction of the need through a product to its customer. The marketing process informs the market of who you are and what you do, whilst the sales process begins when a formal offer for services has been made, and concludes when the offer is accepted or rejected. In Conclusion, Marketing isnt just a posh name for selling; in fact selling is part of the marketing component.

An organisation can improve its marketing activities through implementing the marketing concept as this will: * Develop key competencies of knowledge, experience, commitment and communications * Develop strategies through overcoming areas of weakness or threats by competitors through understanding the needs/wants of their customers * Maintain the organisations vision, focus is crucial for the development of objectives and the achievement of these objectives * Allows an organisation to Define, Develop and Deliver Customer Value which in turn will create greater customer loyalty leading to profit creation

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