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Published: 2019-10-31 04:22:17
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Due to the demands of an evolving health care system and an emphasis in health and wellness, Masters prepared nurses are in demand. What does a Masters prepared nurse entails? According to the American Association College of Nursing, Masters prepared nurses obtain a higher level of learning as well as key competencies and skills. The ultimate goal is to achieve positive patient outcomes resulting in an overall improved health care system. The purpose of this paper is to provide insight on a Masters prepared nurse conducted through an interview. My interviewee has obtained an MSN in Informatics and is currently employed in the Informatics field as a Nurse Informaticist. Overview of Career

My interviewee started her career path with an Associates degree in Nursing. As a new graduate in nursing, her first job in nursing was in an acute care setting on a telemetry unit. After two years as a staff nurse in telemetry she was promoted to charge nurse and remained in this position for three years. She then decided to further her education in nursing but still needed to work full time. To her gain, her employer had recently partnered up with a university offering online and traditional courses. Eventually, the online fast track RN-BSN was her option of choice. It took her 18 months to obtain her BSN from the University of Phoenix. After completing her BSN, awaiting her was a promotion for a supervisor position on the telemetry unit. She accepted the position and remained in this positon for seven years. During that time, she also served in the role of interim manager and was instrumental in planning and implementing the electronic health record. The electronic health record became her passion. She was one of the lead trainers and eventually accepted a role as a full time trainer within the hospital. The position as a full time trainer in the hospital morphed into a position at the hospitals corporate level. She took on a new title as an analyst within the clinical informatics department. Her passion grew more as the years went by. The next step that followed was an advanced nursing degree. Graduate Education

My interviewee obtained her Masters in Informatics at the University of Phoenix in 2013. Transitioning into the Masters program was seamless since this school was where she obtained her BSN. The online route was most efficient and that is the route she pursued. The University of Phoenix Master of Science in nursing degree program is accredited by the Commission of Collegiate Nursing Education (University of Phoenix, 2014). The goal of this program is to equip nurses to function in leadership roles in a variety of settings. Additionally, nursing theories and evidence-based practices are fundamental guidelines in this program that will help shape the future of nursing thus impacting the health care system (University of Phoenix, 2014). More specifically, the informatics program afford students to gain knowledge in data management and information technology in regard to the health care setting (University of Phoenix, 2014). According to my interviewee, the Masters graduate program as compared to the undergraduate program was more challenging but yet rewarding. This was attributed to the fact that she had a strong passion for informatics and wanted to obtain a higher level of education. Present Position

As a Nurse Informaticist, the interviewee felt that she has been able to bridge the gap between Information Services and Nursing. One of the primary responsibilities of an Informatics nurse is ensuring the electronic health record is easy to use and provides relevant information. Workflow analysis, assessment of current and future technological needs are additional responsibilities. Pearls of Wisdom

When pursuing advancing ones educational level, time spent researching and interviewing can prove beneficial. Furthermore, one has to be prepared mentally, physically, and often times financially. Planning and organizing will minimize, if not eliminate barriers. I was impressed with the interviewees drive toward ongoing learning. Determination speaks for a nurse beginning at the ADN level, advancing to a BSN and ultimately
obtaining a MSN. Conclusion

Health care as we know is transforming and the health care workforce has been taxed with equipping themselves thus aligning with the transformation. Information technology is ever increasing and is impacting the way health care is delivered (Cipriano and Murphy, 2011). Pursuing a masters degree in nursing is a step in the right direction. One key competency that was identified in this interview and consistent with AACN is lifelong learning. My personal gain from this interview is using determination and passion to help guide ones career path.


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