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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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The sunbaker was taken in 1938 Some of the artistic intentions and reasons that Max Dupain has taken this photograph exactly in this way are that max Dupain has deliberately faded away the background in this photograph to highlight and draw the eye upon the picture of the man. He may also have decided to fade the background, as the way the sand blends in with the skin colour of the man, adds to Dupains theme of beach culture. Max Dupain has also taken this photograph as a full body close up of the man, which suits the photograph more.

Like many of Dupains photograph, this photo is taken and has association with the beach. The atmosphere, from looking at the photograph, is quiet and unruffled and the mood can be described at peaceful; the conditions that most sunbakers love. This photograph focuses on the way that this scene was captured, as well as the man and the features he possesses. The Sunbaker by Max Dupain was an interesting photograph and the way he did it portrayed his theme of beach culture very well. By Maddi Meldrum

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