Media Influence with US Foreign Relations Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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Technologies are currently very advanced which makes communications easier than possible. One of the most evident effects of communication is the influence of the media which seems to be much stronger than before. In the current international dilemmas that are happening within the international community it was analyzed by many that the American media took a great part in honing the results of variety of event such that of Somalia as well as the Persian Gulf War. Thus, the supposed issue which only be based on the active members as well as the involved parties were clouded by the media.

As other interested individual had expressed, the media truly had and still has the capability to control the judgment of it television viewers. Due to the great capabilities of technologies and cable networks, cable networks were able to expand the horizons and telecast even the most dangerous wars just like the war in Afghanistan which needed higher technologies to capture.

Although there is a great threat to the lives of these journalists, they do try their best to capture all the limited scenes which they witness. In addition to this, upon taking all the video footages as well as the stories which are accounted by these journalist, biases, perspectives as well as the personal background of these different individual reflects on the news that they broadcast to their viewers. Thus, there is a great possibility that the news is altered through a viewpoint that is well appreciated by the community of CNN or Fox News.

In surfing the CNN website, it is obvious that the news they provide their viewers are much updated. All the possible news updates regarding different local and international news. During the past, the CNN was only entirely focused on international news however as it progressed, different international artists was also placed in order to assumingly attract the attention of the younger audience.

Thus the audience is already becoming younger and younger as they the times progress. In the website dedicated for the understanding of the processes of the news done by the CNN. In the website, a chart is presented that shows how ten (10) individuals within the company. Moreover, the news coverage is passing through a 10 phases that possibly alters and sensationalizes the stories. (Anatomy of the Story, 2009)

Observing the article entitled the CNN Effect which mainly states that CNN as a cable news provider has freedom to dictate and focus on a certain issue that that the cable station views as important. In the article CNN Effect, it is very obvious that the writes does provide information regarding the strong influence of CNN not only in with the politicians but with their actions of what foreign policies must be prioritized. (The CNN Effect: How 24-Hour News Coverage Affects Government Decisions and Public Opinion, 2002)

Stroble on the other hand have stated that such theory must be ignored. Although he argued against the through of having the CNN effect, it is very noticeable that Stroble also agreed with the fact that individuals are emotionally affected by the types of news they heed. Although he clearly denied the CNN effect he only created theory to present that CNN is not as influential as the other perceived. (1996)

In the context of competition of the different cable networks, it is very obvious that different networks have various types of audiences that desire to hear different stories. Thus, Farhi stated that there is no competition with the influence that the audiences receive. In addition to this, Fox News and MSNBC do have different techniques in providing news as well as a different perspective when it comes to issues. Moreover, these changes lessen the competition of these networks. (Farhi, 2002)

I personally watch cable news every once in a while in order to update myself regarding international news. I often surf the channels or the internet in order to get the latest updates of the news I am particularly interested in. Therefore, I have a strong idea of the influence done by the media to my personal life and decisions.

Thus, it is only reasonable that the different political actions are also influenced by cable news network for they influence the people who are represented by politicians and the government. Although it is good to be informed regarding the news, we the viewers must be reminded that we must have our own stand regarding some matters. The media must only be our source of additional information but we must have our own stand and not let our decisions and views be clouded upon by cable news networks.


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