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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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With each final draft submitted, a Student/Teacher Memo must be included. This memo will take the place of a cover page. This memo asks you to answer the following questions: 1. What was your purpose? What effect were you trying to achieve? There are a total of three minor purposes in this paper: first, to define media violence; second, to write why media violence should be extinguished from the society; third and final, to write how media violence could be extinguished from the society.

The overall purpose, on the other hand, is to encourage the extinguishing of media violence by laying out its negative effects, particularly to the youth society. 2. What was interesting about the process you went through in writing this paper, and what did you learn from it? The interesting thing about the process when I wrote the paper was the portion when I was asking myself why, indeed, has youth violence continued to prevail, even if there had been laws and regulations in relation to controlling this event.

I realized that the law had not really sunk into the lives of the citizens. 3. What was the most difficult about this paper, and what did you learn from the attempt? The most difficult portion was trying to explain, in detail, how media violence affects the behavior of a child or a youth. From that attempt, I learned that, in an argumentative paper, there is nothing better than having many references around. 4. What do you see as the strengths of the paper, and what would you try to do if you were to revise it some more?

I think that the strengths of the paper have something to do with the exhaustive description of each stage¦ each picture that can be brought to light. If I would revise it some more, though, I would add extra pages on more exact proposals, and more on the negative consequences of the proposals. 5. Whats not a part of your paper that you think might help a reader understand or appreciate it more? What didnt you put in? Are there certain events or feelings or memories that led you to write on this topic or to take this approach?

I think it would be better if there are portions on the laws and regulations that were approved or amended by the constitution in connection to media violence. It would also be good to insert a true-to-life case where media violence appeared to be the major cause of crime in a youths life episode. 6. What feedback or reactions did you get at various times in this paper, and how much did you make use of them, if at all? Any other kinds of help-from classmates? teachers? others?

My recent feedbacks or reactions were fine. I used them to increase information that is more detailed and descriptive. Yes, there is always help from teachers and friends. 7. What kind of feedback or response would you like from your reader? I would definitely want a feedback that is positive and inspiring. Name Professor Course 6 June 2008 Proposal Argument: Media Violence Should Be Extinguished from the Youth Society David Buckingham wrote that [R]epresentation begins at a very young age (16).

The television, for example, displays an array of shapes, colors, and sounds. For those who are below the age of two, the television may appear to be a magic window where tiny creatures live and exist. By the time they reach two years old, they seem to understand that the television is a medium that displays things and events. Then by the time they reach kinder, they get to have the ability of perceiving the relationship between pictures in the media and those that are in real life.

As they enter elementary, they get to see that there are different types of shows, such as cartoons or entertainment shows; they start to explore the relationship between reality and fiction. By middle childhood, they get to have the ability to get motivated or inspired by pictures represented in the media. By early adolescence, they begin to develop social understanding on what they perceive, relating it to real-life incidents, and creating a tendency to relate things in life with what they see or hear in the media. This paper talks of the negative effects of media violence to the youth society.

In the end, it will be evident what media violence is, and how and why media violence should be extinguished from the youth society. In connection to media, intense guidance is greatly needed when and before a child reaches the adolescence period. Media has its greatest power over the youth during this vulnerable state of early adolescence, for it is the time when they perceive images according to their belief and understanding, labeling them as positive or negative, based on their perception of what it is¦ then they act out what they see in it.

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