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Published: 2020-01-03 23:11:00
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Intro: My experience entering University Kuala Lumpur when I arrived on campus Body:

1. Feeling of emotions
2. The place of building
3. Meet friends

Conclusion: Hard moment to say goodbye to family

One of the most memorable moments is the first time that I had through on January 09, 2013. It was the first day of my new life, the life that I was going to spend 3 years at University Kuala Lumpur Business School that formerly known as International School of Entrepreneurship (ISE). As people said, college life is a life of freedom but for me college is starting of a new life. For the first time, I felt so many emotions in my heart that makes my heart beat so fast. I was no longer being a girl but a woman who had to stay far away from home and family. I had begun to think myself to be a woman with lots of spirit to end of my study without any problem. When I entered my college for the first day, I looked around with a much more of various feeling. The stately building is what people always talked a campus in the middle of city. I entered the college with my best friend Nurulikma that I meet from old college when I take Diploma.

Firstly I was going to Malaysian Institute of Information Technology (MIIT) University City Campus for registration. We need to fill up a few of letter form to get our dorm key. But finally after everything was taken care of we got to go to set up my belongings in my dorm. Never the less, when my family and I finally got up to the room and opened the door, I was very excited, I met my roommates, they are really friendly. We introduced ourselves. Unfortunately my roommates were from different states but for me it was okay even though we had some problem in communication. The room looks nice that I got to spend my first semester. I chose my bed near the plug as I need to use electricity sometimes. After I was settled in, my family and I had a nice lunch and wish them goodbye. That was the saddest moment because I need to live far from my family. (348 words)

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