Memorial Day for Iraq and Afghanistan Essay

Published: 2020-01-22 09:22:05
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The current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are a very big problem. Anyone will look at it as a serious peace concern. However, since any problems will also become solved in the future, it is a good thing that we have a fitting memorial when there is already peace in both countries. To memorialize the peace in Iraq and Afghanistan, there should be a dedicated date of holiday celebration. This day must be remembered as the liberating day for the people of Iraq and Afghanistan.

There should be celebrations and that all people must have a break from their work and schools. It should be a national holiday for the two countries. It is also a good idea if both countries will build a monument in their capital cities. The monument should represent peace. It is very similar to the American War monument in Washington USA. Lastly, there should be a program of the Memorial Day. It means there must be parades and special public programs during the holiday event.

A simple parade that will have children and youth participate so that they represent the future of peaceful nations in Iraq and Afghanistan. This will be simple but very significant. We all know that the peaceful days in our nation are very important to remember. We can have memorial days or independence days. But no matter what our plans of celebrating them, we should always memorialize the important contributions of people who sacrificed their lives for peace in our country.

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