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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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Unlike The Outsider, Metamorphosis The Outsider, Metamorphosis is written in the third person. This makes it less of a personal account. The reader does not question the validity of the narration, but it is less intense and provides an overview. Metamorphosis is divided into three chapters of equal length, and each chapter appears to represent a stage in the metamorphosis of the characters.

During the first chapter, which covers the events of one day, the scene and tone are set, Gregor eyes turned next to the window, and the overcast skies one could here raindrops beating on the gutter made him quite melancholy. In the first pages a small insight is given into the lives of the Samsa family as they are before the process of metamorphosis begins. Although Gregor has changed, the rest of the family seek for and maintain normality as much as possible in a very abnormal situation, pitilessly Gregors father drove him back, hissing and crying Shoo!

In the second chapter Gregor continues to become more bug like, even eating like a bug, he quickly devoured the cheese, the half decayed vegetables and the sauce; the fresh food on the other hand, had no charm for him he could not even stand the smell of itHe quickly devoured the cheese, the vegetables (half-decayed) and the sauce; the fresh food on the other hand, had no charms for him, he could not even stand the smell of it. He starts withdrawing from the world; for example, time starts to become irrelevant to him, Often he just lay there long nights through without sleeping.

The family has to face up to the abnormal circumstances and start to adapt and change their life, even Gregor notices this, could this be his father? The man who used to lie wearily sunk in bed whenever Gregor set out on a business journey; who welcomed him back in the evening lying in a long chair in a dressing gown¦ now he was standing there in fine shape in a smart blue uniform. In the final chapter we see Gregors metamorphosed family taking on their new roles.

Gregor has been the catalyst in the situation; the change in him caused change in all those close to him; when he dies it is an indicator that his role has finished and that his family have also completed their metamorphoses. Gregors transformation has caused a forced awakening and this has brought about the birth of new qualities in the family, for example, it has brought them closer together, Mr Samsa appeared in his uniform, his wife on one arm and his daughter on the other. They all looked a little as if they had been crying.

Grete has grown into a pretty girl with a good figure. Her family and society have imprisoned her but now she feels herself free, Their daughter sprang to her feet and stretched her young body Adjectives used in this chapter, for example, excellent, good, and quieter express the mood of the product of the changes that have taken place in the Samsa family: these contrast strikingly with the adjectives used at the beginning of the novel, for example, uneasy, gigantic and hard, which expressed the dissatisfaction and discontentedness of the family.

The three-part structure of Metamorphoses highlights the theme of change. The two-part structure of The Outsider emphasises what happens to reality when human reason tries to reinterpret it, this is one of Camus messages. To conclude narrative structure is an integral element to every piece of writing; it is the writers tool to manipulate the readers impression of the characters, situation and generally aid understanding.

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