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Published: 2020-02-10 04:01:41
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Image by Josiah McElheny This pieced together sculpture by Josiah McElheny is like one of the mother stars which can be found in the galaxy. At first glance, the sculpture seems to be one of those science apparatuses which generate electricity. But on closer scrutiny, the sculpture just becomes one of those well-thought of displays found in stores or malls which seeks to call for the busy shoppers attention but which it fails to do so since the sculpture is just a m eregiant mass of spikes and lights put together meant to look like a star.

Stars are meant to be admired at night and are meant to exhibit some form of magical and mystical light; however, this particular man-created star is admired because of its ability to be complicated in its simplicity. It exhibits magic and mystic in its ability to be menacing in its beauty. 2. Image by Marek Petryk This painting by Marek Petryk is like a confusing and unsolvable puzzle”there seems to be no beginning and no end to its construction as if there was no concrete point in its creation.

Though the colours are beautifully vivid that reminds a person of a teenagers room or retro art or even of summer vacations spent by the beach, the painting does not create a solid and specific object. The painting can be anything from a cabinet door that was mercilessly experimented on by an artist or it can be anything that was created by an innocent child who drew an object out of sheer boredom or a complicated painter who aims to confuse people with his artworks that have some form of profound meaning hidden beneath its depths.

3. Image by Unknown Photographer This last image which was found as a background of a website is a photograph that is like the gateways of heaven. Clouds with all its fluffiness would sometimes be associated with cotton candy, plain white cotton or a sheeps wool but because this photo captures such breathtaking beauty, it can only be likened to the gates of Paradise itself or even to the homes of the Olympiads that interferes with the lives of mankind.

But there is also a darker force in the photo which is the navy blue colour gathering in the background”and those are the forces of some evil Titans that seek to disrupt Zeus and his family. While this may be a farfetched interpretation to a mere photography of clouds amongst clear blue skies, it is more enjoyable and interesting than likening it to mere cotton or wool.

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