Metaphysics: Aristotle and Platos Views Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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1. The definition of Education Education is defined as the process of educating and learning, which involves the teacher and the student. The teacher will convey the message to the student, and the student will try to understand and applying what is being taught. Educate is further defined as to develop knowledge, skill and the character of somebody. Educate is also to give someone information about a particular subject, or to show them a better way to do something. Knowledge is the information that we are going to instill and give out. We can see the importance of education in the terms of someones development. 2.

Function of Education 2. 1. Education as Continuation Process The process of education begins in the cradle and continues throughout the life. When people live, they continually grow and develop. In going through all the developments, they have this ongoing education. They are being introduced by new skills and knowledge from time to time. The education can be formal, where it requires us to attend school or institutions for lectures. This is where we learn about particular subjects like Languages, Science and Mathematics. Informal education can be something that is being taught at home or from our own experience.

As we grow up, the thing that we learn will become more complex and complicated. For instance, we are taught of basic skills of mathematics when we are in primary school, then we are in secondary school, another new complex formula is introduced to us. We are expected to grasp more when we are maturing. This process persists throughout their lifetime. As we go along, we learn and apply more and more knowledge. We also learn many new things when we encounter every stages of our life. For example, when are already an adult, we got married and have children.

This can only be experienced when you are fully grown, not when you are a baby or a mere child. 2. 2. Education as Moral Development Tools Moral development means the expanding and improvement of someones manner, character and proper behaviour. This entails the development in someones physical, spirit, mentality and believes. Here education acts as a tool where it helps to inculcate the sense of morality in the society. Education is not just about imparting the information, but it is also intended to show someone of which is right and which is wrong. For example, we introduced to the people about the code of dressing ethics.

This ethics demands them to follow the rule of clothing. Here in Malaysia, moral development is implemented through the subject like Islamic Education and Moral Education. Education helps in imbibing moral and ethical values in the individuals and their education, in turn, helps in the creation of a healthy society that bears a deep understanding of principles and the philosophy of life. Having a high morality is paramount in a society for it deters somebody from immoral and bad doings like cheating and being not responsible. 2. 3 Education as Integrated Indicative.

Education indicates the integrity in education as it comprises all the elements of ones development. It entails the improvement on the physical, emotional, spiritual, skills (psychomotor), mental (coordinative), and behaviour. Education helps an individual to thrive in society, to interact with other social animals and helps a person attain and maintain a certain degree of social well-being. The abilities of an individual as a part of society is an apparent result of social development, which can only make realize by the means of education. In school or college, we are taught holistically.

The learning processes dont only occur in class, but also outside there. Students are exposed with clubs and sports activities, which help in brushing up their leadership skills and suchlike. Learning is also be made practical, as theories only never enough. Our syllabi also show the sense of integration from the subjects taught in school. We learn languages such as Malay, English, Mandarin, Tamil and many more but at the same time, we include the logics learning, like Science and Mathematics. As for spiritual enhancement, subjects like Islamic Studies and Moral Studies are also included.

We can see that the studies not only focus only one part. In fact, it is thorough and complete for the intelligence must go along with good morals and believes. An integrated education is one that encourages students to seek connections between different ways of knowing and being in the world, between different forms of knowledge, and between new knowledge and that which preceded it. In order to provide an integrated educational experience, we must offer a curriculum and other learning experiences whose content and pattern combine the acquisition and creation of knowledge with the quest for meaning and purpose.

2. 4. Education as Practices Process Education occurs continuously and as it goes, we learn something repeatedly, many times in our life. It depends on ones ability, to catch what is taught. Some may take their time in grasping the information, and some may get it quickly. Usually, people cant easily understand something at first, but they keep learning and practicing, and in the end, they manage to understand that something. This process of repeating in learning is what we call as practice you keep doing it until you are finally good at it.

Take for instance the case of reading. We started off with the basic, knowing all the 24 alphabets in ABC. Then, after we get all that, we move on to two-syllable words and suchlike. We dont get to read so easily. There are processes to be gone through which need a lot of practices. Education provides practices in certain areas of studies like medicine and teaching. They have this practical part in which they need to apply those theories they have learnt. Taking education is also to bring about progress in practical fields to enable each educated individual of society to earn a living.

Education of the various practical fields produces productive human resources, who can contribute to the creation of wealth for a country. While the people earn for their work, they are also creating something for their organization to make money on. 3. Conclusion In conclusion, education is very crucial in our life, especially in the sense of development. All these developments like social, economic and attitude in every individual are responsible for the cultivation of civilized society. Education is mainly intended for the want to generate high quality, educated, skilled, and capable citizens.

Knowledge and information are imparted so that a person and the society can live a good life. Not only in the sense of physical, but also in terms of spiritual and good morals. Education is the key of success throughout ones life. References Abdul Rahman Ariff, Zakarie Kasa, 2002. Falsafah dan Konsep Pendidikan Edisi Kedua. Kuala Lumpur: Penerbit Fajar Bakti Sdn. Bhd. Annad, J. B. 1977. Education for Self-Discovery. Britain: Houder and Stoughton. Hirsch, E. D. Jr, 1987. Cultural Literacy. England, UK: Houghton Miffin Mok Soon Sang, 2003.

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