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When using the fryer you must be careful because the oil is hot and it may spit. There must always be a sticker above the fryer at average height for a human that reads Warning, danger Hot this sticker is replaced every 6-7 months depending on how clean and clear the writing is. What is it? This is called a flat top grill. Its like a large version of a grill. It has heaters underneath the silver plate which heat up the plate, so that bacon and eggs can be cooked on it, the spatula in the bottom left hand corner of the picture helps the chef to get the food of the plate. How do you clean it?

When cleaning it you have to use a special cleaning product called D12, this is special because it helps to get the fat and grease of the plate and also if some of the chemicals get underneath the plate it wont ruin the heater. You must wait at least 12 hours until you can use the grill again, this is just in case there is still cleaning fluid on the plate which could be transferred on the food. Is it serviced? Again its the same as the pot wash and the fryer. Its checked every 6-12 months, however if this brakes down then its not as critical as the others the chefs can cook it in a frying pan.

It may be less healthy than using the silver plate, but this is simplest way if its broke. Health and Safety? If you are using this then you must beware the silver plate gets hot. Its the same as fryer there is a warning sticker which says Hot Beware. You must remember when putting food on to the plate that you dont over stack it otherwise the it smokes a lot and the plate automatically turns the heat up which mean it can overload the plate with too much food. What is it? This piece of equipment is called a pot wash.

All your have to do it rinse the dirty dished and plates stack them in a blue create, then lift up the sliver handle and slide in the crate once this is done pull the handle back down and the pot wash will wash it depending on the setting that you set it on. How do you clean it? Cleaning this piece of equipment can take up to 48 hours depending on how many times you use it a week. Firstly you have to take out the wash blade and take them apart, by unscrewing the screw in the middle, and place them in a bowl of hot soapy water for 12-24 hours.

The valves and drain link need to be unattached and socked in anti bacterial liquid for 24 hours. Finally there are blue crates which are mainly self cleaned my water and liquid soap. Is it serviced? The pot wash needs to be serviced every 6 12 months if there is anything wrong with the pot wash it need to be repaired quickly as if its broke it can not be used until fixed meaning that service of the food may slow down as all dishes have to be hand cleaned. Health and Safety? If you are using a pot wash you must remember to stack all cutlery and dishes upside down and in a neat way.

Dishes cant be stacked on top of each other as the blades may get jammed. If you are cleaning the cutlery then you need to do it all at once with no other dishes or bowls. The childrens menu is colourful and bright to interest the young children. The layout of the menu is appealing to the correct age range. The food is well priced on the childrens menu. The puddings on the childrens menu are well sized, also their choose is very child friendly. The inside of the childrens menu is coulorful and has pictures of some of the food.

The vegtable chance is very useful to the children as it has picture of the vegatables in the right hand cornor. However some of the portion sizes are quite big for a child, I also noticed that there was mainly chips with every meal and not just in the childrens menu. As well on the childrens menu there is starters and I think that children under the age of 12 dont need starters, because the starters size would fill them up. Finally, as an overall view of the childrens menu I think that the food has a good balance of healthy foods, It has a colourful and funky look as an overall menu.

The main menu is more sacfistercated for the older customers such as teenagers, adults and OAPs. The front of the menu has a picture of an appetizing picture of a plate of steak and chips. Below this there are 4 smaller boxes which have different offers such as: Golden Greats, Curry club, Sunday roast and homemade specials. On the back of the menu there is puddings menu and this consists of individual puddings, hot and cold, also there are sweet sharers which are large puddings which you can share they also do a selection of hot drinks. Finally on the back they have bigger boxes explaining the offers in more detail.

The inside of the menu is set up well because each section has its own box. They have mega meals which are extra large meals which just have more on than your average meal. They have salads and sides which your can be ordered as an extra. Storage space: At the three crowns and sugar loaf they have two different sections for storing food a wet cupboard and a dry cupboard. The dry area is for crisps, nuts, food in packets that you find on a bar and they do keep some for the dry kitchen food. The wet area is for the drinks, such as fruit shots, alcohol, cans of pop, J20s and water.

They have got other storage places they have two fridges and a freezer, one fridge is a walk in fridge where you can get your food, and the other fridge is a normal fridge which only holds cooked or uncooked meat there are two separate compartments for the meats that are cooked and uncooked. The freezer is outside and is for frozen meat and other frozen goods. Methods of Ordering: The manager will order all the stock they need on the Tuesday online and it will be delivered on the Thursday, Its all done on the internet to make it easier and less paper work, also it is quicker.

Ordering on the internet is a bit like online shopping you login with the certain user name and password, then you get to pick what foods you need and how much off it. The company that the pub uses are Churchill china, Marstons, Blakemore and P&H Snacks direct. At the 3 crown and sugar loaf they have to follow certain safety procedures and regulations. They have to have clear posters of accident and emergency procedures; they have to have fire drills and large posters telling people where the fire exits are. Also above the fire exits they have to have a green light in case the electric goes out and the customers can still find the exits.

In the kitchen they have to have fire extinguishers and fire blankets these have to been placed in an easy to access place. The pot wash has a area which is for dirty dishes and place, no one is allowed to bring glasses in to the kitchen they have to be taken to the bar and they are put in a separate dishwasher, this is to insure that people dont cut themselves and also glass has to be put on to a different wash because otherwise it will crack the glass. The posters have to be clean and be read able, the warning signs need to be replaced every six months to insure that they dont fall off the wall or they dont get dirty.

All the knifes are covered in a well fitting plastic cover and placed in a container. Knifes have a separate wash because they could get jammed in the machinery, also no one is allowed to hand wash them because you may cut your self, and if the knifes were hand washed they would have to be done in D12 formula which could mean painful if you cut yourself and hand your hand in D12 solution. The chopping boards are in 3 different cupboards red, white, green. They are in different cupboards to stop cross contamination, from the meat and the vegetables.

The pub have special cleaning products which are stronger than household cleaner, They will clean the surface and get rid of nay bacteria or bugs. The cleaning products are stored by the door in the kitchen, They have signs that warn people that they are toxin and dangerous. First aid is a high priority in a kitchen because if someone is cooking then there is a high risk off being injuries mostly minor injuries, however there has been some cases where people have seriously burnt there arm therefore everyone in the kitchen should know at least basic first aid. Monday 8th June 2009

Today, I used the pot washer, which was a hose which was over a large sink. Then you have to stack the plates and dishes in a crate, and push it into a large grey box, and push the lid down and press the go button and it cleans the dishes on a certain setting. I also learnt how to lay the tables, and that each customer must have a napkin, knife and folk and that each table must have a bottle of salt, pepper and vinegar. If the customer has ordered a steak then they have a steak knife. In the kitchen there were several metal rail which were next to a machine which transferred the orders from the bar to the kitchen.

I had to take the ticket from the machine and slot it in to the metal rail. Tuesday 9th June 2009 Today the head chef, Helen let me chop the tomatoes and lemons in to sixes. Then Scott showed me how to cut the lettuces. Then I helped to waitress for a while and then Denise asked me to start on the puddings, There are several different puddings and each one has custard or ice cream, each pudding has its individual time in the microwave. Finally the stock was meant to have arrived to day however it failed to turned up because of the internet connection failure. Wednesday 10th June 2009

Today I laid the tables with the menus and cleaned down the tables. Later on I had to chop two crates of tomatoes in to slices, wedges and halves. I then chopped pepper, lemons, cucumber and a bucket full of lettuce. For the rest of the day I was on the mains station which is where they prepare all the mains and starters. I also helped waitress with Scott. Thursday 11th June 2009 Today I was on mains again and starters, I was allowed to help make the sandwiches but only for a while because the sandwich station is in the middle of the kitchen and I wasnt quicker enough for the orders coming in.

Later on I went into the main seating area and collected the empty glasses and wiped down the table, I also laid the tables in the morning. Friday 12th June 2009 Today I went on to the Puddings station, I had to work quickly because the orders fro pudding were quick and a lot of people were sat outside in the sun and wanted ice cream. I put the menus out again in the morning and was on the pot was for half of hour because today was very busy and the dirty plates and dishes were getting stacked up. Name: Helen Green Do you enjoy working her? Why?

Yes, I do enjoy working her it is fun and the other members of the team are all very friendly. I enjoy working here because the hours are good and I enjoy the adrenaline cooking give me. Is it safe? Yes, as you know all the staff are first aid trained in case of an emergency and we check that the first aid case if full with the correct equipment every week. Is the food that you cook healthy? We try and make it as healthy as we can, however if we are busy then cooking it the healthier way does take longer and means that the customers have to wait, however we would always try and keep to the healthiest possible way of cooking our food.

Is the food safe to eat? Yes, all are products that we cook with are very safe and all the chefs are trained to cook the food correctly. The meat is also safe to eat as we check the temperate of food before we give to the customers Do you have any dislikes about the pub? Yes , Only one thought I would like the kitchen to be bigger because as you know we have a lot of members of staff due to the high amount of customers, and it can get very hot in the kitchen and also can get a bit over crowned.

Why are the childrens meals such big portions? Well we are looking I to the childrens menu portion sizes, due to complaints from the customers. We have written to Marstons HQ about changing the menu. Although if it was my decision I would defiantly have smaller portion sizes. Do all the plates of food, stay within the movement guidelines? All the menus are created by Marstons HQ, and I believe that they keep to the RDA for the customers.

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