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Published: 2020-01-26 15:22:58
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The military issued personal identification card,and cac card, are a very important thing. There are many things that you have to do in the military that require you to have one on your person at all times. Things such as going to chow; you have to approach the gate guard and present him with your cac card so he can verify that you are authorized to eat in the chow hall. Then when you enter the chow hall you must scan your cac card into the computer that way they can keep a head counrt of how many people go into the chow hall.

Also you need your cac card to enter almost any building on the FOB. If you try to enter the PX another guard ask to see your id. If you cant present him with your id then you cant go into the px to make purchaces. Also another problem I encountered was I lost my whole wallet with the ID so I had to try and go to finance to get some money for things I needed for stuff on deployment. Upon entering the finance building I was told to present my ID and I didnt have one so I couldt get any cash.

Also the cac card has a chip inside. This chip allows you to log into your army knowledge online account and gain access to all your military information. You need your cac card for important military events such as a urinalysis screaning , otherwise your comander has to come down and prove your who you say you are. Also the cac card is a part of the geneva convention act. With the card it proves I am a united states soldier.

So that means if I am captured as a prisinor of war the id tells the people who captured me how to treat me according to the geneva rules. Being as the cac card is an accountable item you can run into a whole other load of problems. These problems are to include some corrective training. NCOs dont like It much when you need to have your cac card on you and you dont because it can only come down on them from higher. I was wrong to have lost this cac card. I shouldve been more aware of how secure my cac card was.

I should have checked my pockets more frequently because of how important it was. If I had a chance to do it again I woulve put it in a more secure spot where I would know if anything happened to it. I also would have checked more frequently because If I wouldve caught the fact that my id had fallen from my pocket earlier then I wouldve had a lot better chance in finding the lost id before it became unnatainable. That is why not losing your id is important.

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