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Published: 2020-02-19 09:20:05
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Module 1 introduced the concept of evidence-based practice by describing how research reports are adapted and incorporated into healthcare practices. Research plays an essential role in identifying the best methods in diagnosing, treating and caring for patients with particular medical disorders. Evidence-based practice is based on the testing of experimental treatment regimens to a study population and determining its effect on the patient.

It is therefore important that the investigators of a clinical trial be highly analytical and cautious with regards to the design, implementation and assessment of research programs and results. The module also instructs its reader on methods in identifying investigations that are of good quality. The significance and credibility of the research study is also important in any medical investigation. The process of appraising a medical investigation should thus always include screening a research design based on the feasibility, credibility and repeatability of the study.

Module 2 describes the impact of research on shaping healthcare practices based on evidence-based research. In addition, the module provides methods on how to conduct a thorough analysis of a research report based on an assessment tool. The criteria of evaluating research studies is generally based on the employment of a rating scale which looks into different aspects of a study, including the aims, hypotheses and methodology of the research.

The ethical issues of the clinical study are also important aspects to consider in any health-related investigation. It is thus important to review the reasons why particular investigators conducted a study, without inflicting any additional harm on the study subjects and still continuing in promoting excellence in healthcare delivery to the public. Evidence-based research thus forms an integral part of healthcare because it provides scientific proof that a certain procedure or treatment is indeed effective and beneficial to the target patient population.

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